Wednesday, August 27, 2008

H.S. Protest from across the road.

.The moment we arrived on the scene,the security guards came out and began "securing the perimeter",stopping all cars entering the parking lot, etc. As one of our group noted,the vibe was not good at all. A few people waved or honked in agreement and some showed the love americans are known for worldwide. This form of love was even more apparent at the second H.S. site where we faced an "aggressive moron", a "get a life" shouting motorist,and other assorted fools. It is difficult to encapsulate the fear of one's own government, the hatred from sub-mentally capable fellow citizens, and the knowledge that the downward slide into hell is ever -increasing. All on a beautiful chemtrail-filled summer day!Video can be seen at ZHP on

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Hypervigilant said...

Pardon me but why am I not on your blog roll? Too cool for bipolar gals or are you waiting for my chemie pics?