Monday, April 27, 2009

Bureaucratic Swine

This is a September 16, 2008 press conference in Burlington, Vermont.

In high school when we dissected fetal pigs only one person resisted. The teacher put her on the spot essentially saying it was the only way to learn human anatomy (because of the pig's close resemblence to humans). I remember my state of mind was dispassionate, thinking this is just how things are.
It is this state of mind the Controllers count on, I would bet, in the population at large.
That and keeping people focused on "what a nice day it is!" rushing around in cars on their last gallon of gasoline to get to that place where everyone else is going to "have fun".
Go along to get along-or else.


Hypervigilant said...

you are so funny...what about the bad penny?

researcher said...

I' m glad I'm not alone feeling that way about the status quo and mechanics of the populous...

Haik Bedrosian said...

I hate facebook. if you're interested social control, facebook should interest and frighten you.