Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spooks and Snakes

There are rarely ever more than eight visitors a day to this blog so when I post an article and get thirteen the next day, I know something's up.

Maybe it's that large law firms have a way of tracking which alerts them if their name comes up anywhere on the internet or maybe the spooks are watching, who can say?

One of the hits was from Arlington, Virginia and that was probably a family member mentioned in the previous post. Some of the hits were from large law firms listed in the cut & pasted biography of Anne Yasmine Rassam.

Whatever the case is I hope people understand that this blog is all about investigating and interpreting reality from a different stance than mainstream journalism or culture. This ain't the Washington Post nor is it Pravda . Have a nice day.

"In human affairs men judge and act according to the limited knowledge at command of the multitude. Witnesses who tell the truth are often, in your courts of law, stunned by the decisions of a narrow-minded jury. Men sit on juries with little conception of the facts of the case that is brought before them; the men who manipulate them are mere tools in unseen hands that throw their several minds in antagonisms unexplainabble to man. The judge is unconsciously a tool of his own errors or those of others. One learned judge unties what another has fastened, each basing his views on the same testimony, each rendering his decision in accordance with law derived from the same authority."
-John Uri Lloyd

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