Thursday, June 3, 2010


Most people will tell you that it unwise to walk right up to a hornet's nest to check it out.
If you are someone like myself, who might think if one were to walk right up to the nest in a calm manner, not touching the nest, the hornets would care less.
Having done this numerous times and never encountering any problems, I might have gotten a bit lax this time and got bit.
In this case the hornet's nest would would resemble something called Homeland Security in Willisten and touching it would involve a newly purchased flip camera.
Lordy, these people are sensitive!
I'm not go into any more detail except to say that HS now has my whole minute and a half of words and images on file somewhere, probably being analyzed by some spooky intel geeks, while mine got erased.
If they didn't know who I was before, they know now!
Oh, well, it was my fault for thinking I could just waltz right up there and take some pictures. Whatever, man.
The truth is, I could give a shit what they do or don't do. I have other more mundane things on my itinerary, such as getting out in nature and documenting my travels, which is what the camera is intended for.
This was just a bit of initial fun with the camera as far as I was concerned. If they want to build multi-million dollar buildings for intelligence gathering, fine, have at it. Besides, I think one can simply google their location and derive more information than I could ever get.

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