Sunday, September 29, 2013

Putin's Propaganda Machine

This is a dangerous age we live in. The years since 911 represent a threshold to the New Age.

The United States kept the Soviet Union propped up financially and industrially for the duration of the Cold War and there is ample evidence for this. During the whole period of McCarthyism it went on, this support.

At the highest levels of finance and government those in control KNEW that it was a rigged game. They were benefiting so why would they rock the boat when it would mean their own demise?

 KGB Putin in Berlin:
Iran's notorious secret police, SAVAK, was set up with the help of the CIA. One might wonder if Western military intelligence had a hand in the formation of the KGB. If the U.S. was supporting the Soviets in every other way, then why not in its secret service as well?

Was Putin a witting agent of the CIA?

Domination and manipulation of cyberspace is a current concern of propagandists the world over. The U.S. military openly admits its desire to control the political dialog online, through the use of agents posing as truthseekers and the like.

FSB  logo with the double headed phoenix, which represents order out of chaos:

Pitting both sides against one another. To the insider it is all role-playing.

Russia Today is at the forefront of this propaganda. Think of the alternative media players who appear regularly on that channel such as Charlie Mcgrath and Mike Adams of Natural News.

Putin's followers around the world do not realize the game they are in, or they are knowing and willing players in the game themselves.

Putin denies the role of the FSB in the Russian Apartment Bombings when asked point-blank and obfuscates like the professional liar that he is.

The hero worship is sickening to see in characters such as this online:

There is a grand scheme to this game that remains unseen until those in power make an important move (such as 911) and by then all their defensive pieces are in position to deflect or misdirect those who are not immediately coming in to line with the rest of the herd.

While the former KGB agent in the video below is talking about one side of the equation, it is useful to see how this works from above, playing one side off of another:

And  it's not just about Obama being a communist, but being a tool of the Elite, those who live and move on a strata so far above the mundane that few of us ever encounter it.

 Article after article comes out with some sycophantic blather about how great of a world leader Putin is because he's defending Christianity or speaking against the Zionist threat...

 Russia' Foreign Service Intelligence .

Ask yourself what you know about this man and what he has done. Who is he, from what reality did he spring and who does he serve? In this world, the leaders of nations are mere frontmen, supervisors on duty for a limited time for publicly unacknowledged superiors.

"The Russian eagle holds a diamond of "Orloff" moved from India - the "third eye" of Shiva "

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