Monday, February 2, 2009


On my Church Street Energy System tour I mentioned that 911 is a Satanic number and someone wrote in noting that I didn’t exactly explain why.
While there are a number of more thorough investigations on other sites, I’ll do my best to give an overview of what I’ve come across.
Numbers each have their own unique associations even on a mundane level. I guess the best way to describe the difference between say 7 and 911 is like the difference between a tennis ball and a razor blade-neither intrinsically better or worse than the other, just not the same.
The Elite understand that numbers each have their own vibration and resonance. Like colors in on a palette they can be combined to produce a variety of effects.
Number 9 is a 6 mirrored. In England their emergency telephone number is 999, 666 also mirrored. In the U.S. it is 911.
Nine is also similar to a spiral (9). A coiled serpent with its head in the center is symbolic of the inward journey to enlightenment. Kundalini is the coiled up and latent (female) energy waiting to be activated, in the human body and, according to some, in every molecule of the universe. In 1960, Michael Harner took ayahuasca and witnessed winged, dragon-like beings emerge from his spine. He said they resembled DNA, not yet discovered at that time. These creatures told him that they had created life on Earth as a hiding place from an undefined enemy in outer space. Wow!
The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary describes nine as an “ important number on which all life is based; found by adding the seven chakras to the two in the center, the star and the lotus, equalling nine; most used number in Egyptian religion and most revered; composed of three times the trinity; completes the cycle of numbers as ten is reduced to one…”
In The Secret Teachings of All the Ages, Manley p. Hall says that nine, the ennead, was associated with failure because it fell short of the perfect ten by one. Also that it was associated with evil because it is an inverted six. It was called the sphere of the air because it surrounded the numbers as the air surrounds the Earth. Keywords being ocean and horizon, boundless just before the infinite ten. Also, boundary and limitation, because it gathered all numbers within itself.
Hall also mentions that, added together, 666 equals 18. 1+8=9.
In the Lexicon of Freemasonry, Albert G. Mackey says this about nine:” If the number three is sacred among masons, the number nine, or three times three, is scarcely less so. The Pythagoreans, remarking that this number has the power of always reproducing itself by multiplication (2x9=18, 1+8=9, 3x9=27,2+7=9…), considered it as an emblem of matter which, though continually changing its form, is never annihilated. It was also consecrated to the spheres, because the circumference of a sphere is 360 degrees, and 3 and 6 and 0 are equal to 9.
In Freemasonry, 9 derives its value from its being the product of 3 multiplied into itself, and consequently in Masonic language the number 9 is always denoted by the expression 3 times 3. For a similar, 27, which is 3 times 9, and 81, which is 9 times 9 are esteemed as sacred numbers in the higher degrees.”
And just to give number nine some star quality, in the book Alien Rock, by Michael C. Luckman, Sammy Hagar named his publishing company, Nine Music, after aliens from the ninth dimension who contacted him when he was nineteen. “ I have reviewed  information that has been valuable in my life from those people, and they have used me in an experimental fashion… they were just energy” he said.
“Number 9… Number 9… Number 9… Number 9…”
In his book Numbers as Symbols of Self Discovery, Richard Blackmore Vaughan says “ Nines can sometimes be very destructive to other numbers as they rise up to wipe out what they sense threatens something they are trying to put over…Nine is indeed a dangerous vibration that consciousness has reached a point at which it is felt there is a natural right to take over…”
Vaughan later says of nine in relation to fate “ The fanaticism of nine runs deep as they seem to gather all the primal instincts of mob psychology into their control… Such ground swells are like wars, pestilence and famine which suddenly flare up and consume whole bodies of people for apparently no justifiable reason at all. Perhaps what is reflected here… is the dissolving of life preparatory to creating a new formation
…Nine has much to do with the ‘sweep of history’ and the ‘tide of human events’ in its widest perspective.”
Moving on to number eleven, which also encompasses numbers one and two.
The most obvious connotation in eleven is duality, yin and yang, back and forth. The next is the symbolism of horns, the horned god.
Duality is Order out of Chaos, the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Instead of letting humanity generate an ever-upward, uplifting trajectory physically, mentally and spiritually, every hope is dashed in flames and chaos. Chaos imposed by invasive overlords who then “create” a reality more suited to their tastes than ours. After stirring up the dirt, in the muddied waters they form their sand castles. Nothing is allowed to last naturally or to come to fruition.
 Eleven appears after the perfect ten. Not one but two, division. Male is one, female two. M.P. Hall says that two is the symbol for ignorance, darkness, evil, contention. He says “ The Pythagoreans revered the monad (1) but despised the duad (2), because it was the symbol of polarity. By the power of the duad the deep was created in contradistinction to the heavens. The deep mirrored the heavens and became the symbol of illusion, for the below was merely a reflection of the above. The below was called maya, the illusion, the sea…”
Eleven is confusing because it is composed of 2 ones (11) and can be reduced to two (2), though some numerologists say that 11 should not be reduced. Maybe this is what Hall is talking about, 2 being a reflection of the one (1 reflected = 11).
One relates to the letter A, and so if we replace the ones in eleven with A’s we get 9AA, two all-seeing eye style pyramids. Since nine is the letter I, speaking it gets an “eye”, as in all-seeing eye. Aya! Maya. 
So it appears that nine is used negatively to give the broad mass sweep in a large event, set the stage anew, and eleven is one compounded, duality and illusion once again.
As to 911 being specifically Satanic, I think it is in the use of the number by occultists to achieve their aims and the innocent, though highly charged, number being used as a tool.


Hypervigilant said...

i respectfully disagree...

researcher said...

Wow! makes sense to me, the whole 9 thing being the reflected 6, hell being the reflection of the heavens(sort of speak), you explained it a lot better, anyway thanks.

Haik Bedrosian said...

I guess I still don't see why 11 is bad. 11 is actually my favorite number.

Still, a very interesting post. I learned a new word "ayahuasca" and a little triva about the red rocker!

JuggaNut said...

please to evan to call me, i'm an old friend from name is dave ferrise, 973 303 8936...its been impossible to find him since i was systemized in 2003...please help me reconnect w/ him

JuggaNut said...

please to evan to call me, i'm an old friend from name is dave ferrise, 973 303 8936...its been impossible to find him since i was systemized in 2003...please help me reconnect w/ him