Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here is some footage not included in the original episode of the Church Street Energy System. I do not like being out on the street with a camera because people get all defensive, even though they are being monitored by their cell phone and closed-circuit tv cameras constantly. There is no convincing people of anything but what they were told on TV last night.
This short tour barely scratches the surface of the current and historic place of Burlington, Vermont in the overall systematic control of humans.


Hypervigilant said...

I see you've updated! Very fancy, be bold! We are all being spied on. Now you have a semi-international spy!!!!!!!!!!!

researcher said...

[at 1:37]There just as vulnerable in this universe when it comes down to it and we(the people)can create with in a force more powerful than what they built around us. And they(top dogs) really fear us worse then we them.

The dude that got out of jail thought you were a little screwy. haha ;) Oh and you didn't really explain how the numbers 9-11 are related to Satan.