Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chemtrails Above Burlington, March 27, 2010

In my previous update on chemtrail activity over Burlington I said it was sporadic but I think it edging back up towards the levels seen in previous years. This morning was clear but by 2:30 pm the sky was overcast with obvious chemtrail haze.

I saw two large chemtrails being made plus several more previously made remnants, in a 45 minute period. There were more later on...

It's time consuming and tricky to document the chemtrails each time they appear.

Even more difficult is showing on clear, blue days how there are few to no jets all day long.

It has been a constant source of amazement how people will say with authority and absolute certainty that the jets are landing at the airport.

Then they will state that it is the increased air traffic. Burlington is not in a major air corridor. Some days there are lots of these large, military looking jets leaving trails and other days, nothing, no jets.

I rarely talk to people about it anymore. They think they look at the sky, but don't observe it carefully nor in a critical way, especially regarding air traffic.

It is this more than any other subject that has imprinted on my brain that people are not only wrapped up in their own lives but also cannot think outside the parameters set by officials. In this case the officials are the various weathermen and climate scientists such as those that work with the Hazecam.

People are fatalists except when the shit blatantly hits the fan close by. Like any other topic that might be disturb preset beliefs, the subject of Chemtrails does not bring happy thoughts and has no placating answers concerning the who and why of it.

And since "officials" aren't talking about it on the nightly news then it is an easy subject to dismiss.

I decided early in 2009 not to wear myself out trying to reach people but still I wonder why so many accept at face value the consensus reality given by education, media and all the rest.
I can see it in myself. When you stand up to question a widely accepted notion, the hammer of disbelief, ridicule and anger comes down and who wants to deal with that?

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