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Masonic Symbolism In David Lynch's Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is a 2001 film by the filmmaker David Lynch. The first half of the film is of a low-level actress dreaming of her hopeful and generally positive entrance into Hollywood. She later wakes to a reality of broken relationships, despair and eventually killing herself in the end.

Lynch's surrealistic narrative style allows for an intermixing of reality and dreamland which can require repeated viewings to understand just what is going on. Part of the pleasure of his films is the apparent simplicity of the scenes which take on new meaning as the story develops. It also also forces the confused and intrigued
to watch the film again.

Having not seen this film since 2003, it was amazing to see the amount of western secret society symbolism it contains. A whole new narrative can be seen in the movie.

This is a film about how films are made in Hollywood.

The enigmatic executive of few words, in a wheelchair of some sort and seeing his elite henchmen only on the opposite side of a glass enclosed room, gives orders as to who will direct the film being made-The Sylvia North Story-and who will star in it.

In each scene, this Howard Hughes-like character is in the same position apparently holding the cellphone he uses to communicate to the outside world.
This gesture is, in Masonry, the Sign of the Fellow Craft-the Second Degree.
According to researcher Texe Marrs, although this is a relatively low degree, advanced initiates use it because it represents a stage in mankind becoming like gods.
It must be noted at this point that these gestures are universal, that is to say, existing before their utilization by secret societies, much as the vocal chords exist before applying language.

Notice the pyramidal designs on the elevator door and the gesture close up in the final second.

This sign is certainly a display of power, as shown in this Egyptian image:

When the director of The Sylvia North Story refuses to accept the actress desired by the studio, he has a non-verbal showdown with one of the henchmen who gives this sign:

This is the sign of the Mark Master in the Lodge-the 4th Degree.

Nothing in a David Lynch film is random or accidental, especially in a scene such as this where the henchman is quite obviously communicating, without a word, "obey me, I have the power" .

The pivot of the movie is when the protagonist of Mulholland Drive is dragged, in the middle of the night, by her amnesiac friend to a theater/club called "Silencio".

Skip to the 2:34 mark to get to when the pair enters the club. The Master of Ceremonies, who has a particularly diabolic look, gives the "El Diablo" hand gesture at the 3:29 mark.
Holding a magician's wand, he tells the audience in Spanish, English and French that even though one hears music, there is no band, it's on tape, that it is all an illusion.

Not so long ago, construction crews working beneath Paris stumbled on a hidden film theater with an entrance guarded by a recording of barking dogs to scare away intruders. They found a number of mainstream movies, nothing more. The next day they arrived to find a note saying "Do not try to find us."

Also, on the bedside table at the Aunt's apartment is a guide book entitled "Tout Paris", or, "All Paris". Lynch's financial backers are French.

Seen in the context of secret societies and the attendant mind control/brainwashing, the amnesiac actress could be seen as someone who has been programmed to go to Club Silencio at the appointed hour to maybe partake in further programming.

A befuddled yet passionate appearing performer lip-syncs Roy Orbison's "Crying...Over You", in Spanish, no less. She has red-orange eye makeup as well as an eye-like teardrop. A tear tattoo under the eye shows that one has killed somebody.
Is she a mind-controlled killer, or it this a way of saying that Watt is the killer?

During the presentation, a blue box appears in the seat next to them which has a lock matching a mysterious triangular key found in the purse of the amnesiac (along with many hundreds of thousands of dollars).
Not only are the key and the lock triangular, but where the thumb and forefinger grip the key, a sun symbol (the circle) and moon symbol (the crescent) are found.

When the box is opened, like Pandora's Box, the demons come out and the reality of despair surfaces. The amnesiac and the central character are lovers and we find Naomi Watt "playing with her box" later in the movie.(!)
The box is blue, signifying the blue degrees of Masonry as well as the Ashlar Stone, the rough stone that is to be perfected by Masons progressing up through the degrees.

In Club Silencio a strange, genie-like woman with blue hair sits in a balcony adjacent to the stage and at the end of the movie, just after the central character kills herself, the blue-haired woman reappears, puts a finger to her lips and says "Silencio".
The finger to the lips in Masonry is the sign of the Due-Guard of the Royal-Arch Mason. This signifies keeping the secrets of Masonry safe because the penalty is death, each degree having it's own manner of ritual murder for revealing secrets that threaten the order.

Lynch may be showing that Silencio is a "blue-box" theater and that Watt has the choice upon receiving the box-within-the-box to open it or not, and that death ( the teardrop) will be the result if she does.

Another gesture made by the M.C. is the crossed arm with the fingers spread like wings. This is very similar to a gesture made during a Masonic ritual in the film "Peggy Sue Got Married".
The scene begins at 1:26:15

Skip to the 1:27:40 minute mark for the gesture.
This whole scene is very informative. They are invoking gods with flesh (egg), blood (wine) and oil.
At the 1:26:39 mark, notice the picture,bottom row, second from left...

Plenty of other things like the "A-OK" (the evil eye), the all-seeing eye on the front of the lodge,etc. They are initiating time travel which is also inter-dimensional travel, the doorway the lower gods, the demons, use when summoned.
These demons are only able to come here when a doorway is opened, and here the Masons are using Peggy-Sue as a channel.

Some sort of magic is also being worked at Silencio, as when Watt starts shaking uncontrollably. It appears she is either being possessed or the opposite, having her spell broken.

Through this film, Lynch is doing much like what Stanley Kubrick did with "Eyes Wide Shut",he is revealing the power that controls Hollywood, although in a much more obtuse, symbolic way.
The surrealistic, "Dream World" nature of Lynch's film allows him to get away with it, unlike Kubrick, who even though probably a Satanist, was not allowed to. Many think that Kubrick was whacked because of what he showed in Eyes Wide Shut.

If one mixes the dream content with the real world experiences of the main character then a fuller understanding arises. The Unreality of the first half is the perception Watt had as it actually happened, not in retrospect. It is simply that her trance is broken at Silencio. Her friend did not lose her memory in a car accident. It was a surface lie given to cover brainwashing. She unlocks the box only to find she not on her way to stardom and now, instead of wanting to find out what caused her friend's amnesia, she hires a hitman to kill her.

There is more than a dream within a dream going on in this film and David Lynch is able to reveal through symbols more than he can say. Silencio, indeed.

Here, the gesture signifies X-the Sun God and "Cross my heart and hope to die".

It is highly recommended for those who want further confirmation of the symbols and gestures described here, to read Texe Marrs "Codex Magica".
In 2 Worlds is also recommended.


coletteonice said...

stumbled on your blog via smoking mirrors...very interesting and has me hankering to view lynchs movie again.....thanx zhp.

ZHP said...

You're welcome coletteonice!

It had been a while since I'd seen his films and I forgot what a unique director he is. And he certainly knows more than he lets on. No wonder his interviews are focused on process rather than content.

stupid and contagious said...

Great post ZHP! Really informative nad well written.

So is the conclusion that Lynch must be a mason / satanist?

ZHP said...

S & T, I would say the probabilities are great that Lynch is one or both of these .
Pseudoccult Media has some good insight on David Lynch and mind control:

Thanks for visiting.

stupid and contagious said...

Yeah, my thoughts too!

Thanks for the link .... very interesting stuff!


albie said...

check this out for more on the masonic imagery