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Senator Patrick Leahy Trance-Formed

A controversy surrounds the book entitled "The Trance-Formation of America", by Cathy O'Brian.
O'Brian claims to be a former mind controlled sex slave who served U.S. Presidents and Congressmen as well as passing classified information between them.

 Cathy O'Brian

The book reads like a mixture of James Bond and a pornographic romance novel.

The people who control Cathy, "handlers", are mainly in the entertainment industry and  many top performers and politicians are named. Jimmy Buffet, Gerald Ford, Dick Cheney, George Bush Sr. and Kris Kristopherson are among those mentioned.

Also mentioned is Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who is portrayed torturing O'Brian by putting a microchip in her eye with a hypodermic needle. All sorts of crazy sexual abuse by him and the others is described.

Here is an excerpt:

"Most of my traumatic encounters with Leahy were alien-themed, but he often relied on my Catholic upbringing to drive his points into my mind. From my perspective, Leahy was unquestionably one of the most intelligent criminals of this entire Shadow Government. His carefully contrived chameleon-like characteristics provided him the latitude of appearing to share the principals and beliefs of whomever he was masterfully manipulating both on a national level and international level. He won Reagan's respect through their shared diplomatic ties to the Vatican, and his Irish-Catholic heritage. While he appeared publicly to oppose Byrd on Senate Appropriations issues, they actually worked together behind the scenes in their shared world dominance efforts. Again from my perspective, Leahy was a loner who had his own agenda and answered to no one I knew. Leahy's intelligence was often manifested to me by triple depth meaning to his words and actions. Everything he did was for a deeper purpose, and this trip to vermont proved to be no different.

...I had seen and experienced basement "spy conditioning" torture chambers before both in the U.S. and Mexico, and Leahy's "torture lab" looked more like a NASA lab. His access to the latest advancements in electronic/drug mind control technology was consistant with his ability to use it."

This is wild reading, to be sure, though it is claimed to be true by the author.

This book has the feel of disinformation to it, but with a twist. It is as if someone on the "inside" has written this book for fun, telling truths as they get their jollies off writing it, because the book has a very salacious way of describing both the sex and the people involved.

Since most citizens would rather not face the nasty underside of politics and politicians, reading a book like this would to them seem like an obvious exercise in fantasy, especially the way it is written.

Many psychopathic criminals have a strong desire to tell the details of their crimes publicly, such as taunting police with details like the Zodiac killer did, in his letters to them.
If one were a politician and a psychopathic criminal, what better way to reveal one's crimes than in a book most would find unbelievable, especially when mixing fantasy and reality.

Glimpses of the sordid reality of politicians sometimes do surface in mainstream media but usually only for the sensationalized  story of the week or as filler somewhere on page A19.
These types of stories pass in and then out of the public mind like so many television shows that never make it beyond the first season.

Senator Larry"toilet stall" Craig!

Put together as a whole though it would appear that many, if not most, politicians are up to their necks in criminal activities.

Certain stories come to mind Such as the Franklin County Cover Up or the Marc Dutroux Scandal in Belgium, both of which implicated high level politicians and would be enough to take down whole governments if the mass media was truly independent of  the government and military.

In Vermont both Senators Leahy and Sanders are lauded for their work on behalf of the state and its citizens.
They also bring home the bacon, or Pork, the kind of Federal money a state needs but only a Senator can obtain.

The Senators satisfy both the liberals and conservatives of the state by supporting humanitarian and military causes. Many technical jobs exist in the state because of military contracts and are an easy sell in a liberal state because many of the technologies are "dual use", having both military and civilian applications.

Both Sanders and Leahy are blowhards. They are both masterful talkers. This is their job. They have busy days and competent staffs that handle the details, although I'm sure they are controlling micro-managers.

They say what needs to be said to please the state and national audience. Think about how many issues Leahy has taken on during his career. Some local problems are consistent, such as milk prices and the like, but all those flash in the pan national issues just come and go yet it's like he is Mr. Expert Big Man in front of the cameras. (He's also a shutterbug in his spare time, speaking of photography)

People are so starry-eyed about these guys that few take the time to investigate the charges made by Cathy O'Brian, especially since the accusations are so lurid.
This is one effect of her book, making the charges against Leahy appear all the more wild due to the context it is given.

Leahy certainly must run a tight ship as far as employee loyalty is concerned and if there were any improprieties, one would be wary of disclosing such information because few would believe the charges if they were as far out as O'Brian's.
Leahy is also a powerful and well-liked public official and to take him on would be a daunting task.

Leahy is a fan of The Grateful Dead and was a good friend of Jerry Garcia, who was himself possibly connected to the intelligence community.

            Dead Thread

Researcher Jim Keith wrote in Mass Control:

"An FBI internal memo from 1968 mentions the employment of the Grateful Dead as an avenue 'to channel youth dissent and rebellion into more benign and non-threatening directions.' [They] performed a vital service in distracting many young persons into drugs and mysticism, rather than politics."

Everybody is aware of how drug use is intertwined with the Grateful Dead and how they never seemed to lose their sixties status or following.

The Garcia/Leahy relationship would fit right in with the template of entertainer as handler and Senator as abuser that O'Brian sets up in her book.

Leahy was State's Attorney for Chittenden County before he ran for Senate in 1974, so does this mean he puffs on the side? Was it that one acid trip (I'm guessing) he took back in '68 or does he just "like the music"? Why wasn't he busting Garcia and band with their bucketloads of Heroin?

Drugs in and of themselves are not necessarily bad, but used in society, en masse, at the appropriate time can distract people, even if momentarily, from the immediacy of pressing problems.

Aldous Huxley writes:

"The twenty-first century...will be the era of World Controllers... The older dictators fell because they could never supply their subjects with enough bread, enough circuses, enough miracles and mysteries. Under a scientific dictatorship education will really work-with the result that most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream of revolution. There seems no good reason why a thoroughly scientific dictatorship should ever be overthrown."

   Lightening-bolt flags of British Fascists

The Grateful Dead's heir apparent, Phish, is a talented and creative band but curious in connection as to where they sprang up. It could be nothing-going out on a limb here-but the bar, Nectar's, is directly across from Senator Leahy's office in downtown Burlington, Vermont.


 "My lawyers give funny handshakes!"

Placement is everything in this town, just as Senator Sanders' office is in the Masonic Temple that dominates Burlington, physically and spiritually.
Could be nothing, just some philanthropic old farts practicing ritual sun worship magic. Regular folksy things like that.

Corruption in politics is nothing new, nor entertainers and politicians shmoozing together in after hours debauchery.

Here are some excerpts from a 2009 senate speech on the reunion of Phish:

"Mr. President, I want to give recognition to an event taking place in Hampton, VA, beginning tonight, March 6. This weekend, Vermont's own musical group, Phish, will celebrate a reunion not far from our Nation's Capitol, following their retirement in August of 2004.

...What began at the University of Vermont in Burlington, and was nurtured at Goddard College in Plainfield, flourished into an enormous creative musical force that delighted fans from across the world for many years. They spread their music throughout Europe and Japan, from coast to coast in the United States, and rang in the millennium in front of 85,000 people on the Big Cypress Indian Reservation in Florida, playing that concert's final notes as the sun rose over the horizon at the dawn of a new century.

Theirs has been a remarkable journey of musical exploration, improvisation and risk-taking much akin to the early era of the Grateful Dead. From outdoor summer festivals to Halloween celebrations that found the band donning musical "costumes" by playing an album of another musical group from beginning to end, Phish carved a niche in the musical world that was left conspicuously empty with their retirement."

Leahy also is into caped crusader Batman.
and even had a bit part in the Batman film The Dark Knight.

It is not necessary to believe in a world-wide conspiracy to understand that blackmail, bribery, prostitution of all styles, drug running, torture and murder happen behind the scenes in politics and entertainment. It happens locally, nationally and internationally and there may be  no outright conspiracy but people simply covering their asses for nasty actions.

Something in the portrayal of Leahy by O'Brian rings true even if the book is a work of disinformation, which it most likely is.
It is only when someone in power trips up in public that the weirder and sicker side shows up on the public's radar, and even then it is usually whitewashed over.

All those in favor, say "eye".

ECHO-Leahy Center


Anonymous said...

I Love the thought of how I was supposed to stumble across your work. I ended up with a tape in a gold sleeve, had it for a year b4 I watched it...haha guess I wasn't ready yet.Anyway I think you might like this website:

ZHP said...

Hey Tackleboxface (what a name!),
That wouldn't be episode #FFFive, would it? Heh heh
Nice videos there at Raising Eden, what I've seen (up to 7)...

I've often thought about how language is supposed to evolve when we hold it in stasis with dictionaries and the like.
I remember reading The Canterbury Tales in school and the way the language back then was different yet understandable.

If the elite can change their names around any old time and yet lock us into the language engineered by Shakespeare/Francis Bacon, then we, as natural children of God, can do with it as we feel.

This is cuz the maker of the videos caught some flack due to grammar and I'm assuming it's you and if not then please ignore what must then seem like a rather bizarre response.


Big mama said...

Wow...great blog. I've been a fan of the Dead for over twenty years--slowly losing interest though. I do agree that every concert is just a way to escape--I remember being quite shocked that the whole scene wasn't more political when I first started going to shows--all that power and forward thinking people just getting stoned and dancing around--seemed like a real waste to me. I became very suspicious when they showed support for Obama also. Anyway, when I go now I just let loose and take it for what it is--a distraction. Makes me feel quite pathetic actually--apathy has a way of creeping up on you--anyway, absolutely awesome blog--I've been reading for the past couple of days. Blessings, Sherri