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Possible Evidence of Hollow Planets and Moons

 "Alice laughed: "There's no use trying," she said; "one can't believe impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."
Alice in Wonderland.

An idea gathered from historical and anecdotal evidence is that the Earth is hollow, with circular openings at the poles and contains a small inner sun.

It seems far-fetched initially, so the first idea that must be understood is that nothing is what it seems.

Control of information

The various  governments, space agencies and the like are all compartmentalized organizations where only those at the head know what is happening and how.

Scientists and other polar visitors are carefully vetted and kept within the confines of well established routes of travel and exploration.

Science is easy to control for if there is no funding from large corporations and governments-then there is no research.

Why such a reality would be kept a secret by can be explained by the example of the dicovery of the North American continent.

Many small time navigators, usually fishermen, had come upon and moved to North America long before the official discovery in the 15th century.
Any of the European powers could have certainly made the voyage if common fishermen were doing so, but they appear to have been working in concert (at least on this issue) to hold off.

Masonic researcher Manly p. Hall:

"Time will reveal that the continent now known as America was actually discovered, and, to a considerable degree, explored more than a thousand years before the beginning of the Christian era. The true story was in the keeping of the Mystery Schools, and passed from them to the Secret Societies of the  medieval world. The Esoteric orders of Europe, Asia, and the Near East were in at least irregular communication with the priesthoods of the more advanced Amerindian nations"

The priest class controls the military class and they, in turn, control the common people.

In his well-documented and researched book, The Search For Lost America, Salvatore Michael Trento writes of Colonel Joseph Bryant, a Dartmouth-educated Mohawk chief talking to a scholar, Mr. Woodruff:

“Among other things relating to the western country,” says Mr. Woodruff, “I was curious to learn in the course of my conversations with Mr. Bryant, what information he could give me respecting the tumuli (mounds) which are found on and near the margin rivers and lakes, from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi.

He stated, in reply, that the subject had been handed down time immemorial, that in an age long gone by, there came white men from a foreign country, and by consent of the Indians established trading houses and settlements where these tumuli are found. A friendly intercourse was continued for several years; many of the white men brought their wives, and had children born to them; and additions to their numbers were made yearly from their own country. These circumstances at length gave rise to jealousies among the Indians, and fears began to be entertained in regard to the increasing numbers, wealth, and ulterior views of the new comers; apprehending that, becoming strong, they might one day seize upon the country as their own. A secret council, composed of all the chiefs of all the different nations …was therefore convoked…a resolution that…all their white neighbors …should be exterminated. The most profound secrecy was essential to the execution of such a purpose; and such was the fidelity with which the fatal determination was kept, that the conspiracy was successful, and the device carried completely into effect. Not a soul was left to tell the tale.”(William L. Stone, Life of Joseph Bryant-Thayendanega, p. 484)...

Secrets are revealed officially only when it suits those in power. They appear to be working on a schedule planned and set in motion a long time ago. Otherwise don't believe your lying eyes...

Polar satellite imagery can easily be manipulated.

Norad image showing paths of polar orbiting satellites.

Polar flights probably do not fly anywhere near the pole. The north and south poles visited by adventurers and scientists most likely are the areas directly adjacent to the openings, where the compass readings are the same all around the openings.

The strongest evidence comes from other planets.

This is Uranus's south pole:

And this is Saturn's south pole:

Saturn's south pole hot spot:

Jupiter's north pole:

Latest view of Saturn's north pole:

Jupiter's south pole:

And of both its poles:

Neptune's south pole:

Saturn's moon Enceladus' south pole hotspot:

Venus, south pole:

The Moon's south pole:

Saturn's moon Titan, south pole (c and d):

Mars' north and south pole:

While these images are not conclusive they are intriguing clues as to the true nature of the planets.

And not only may these orbs be hollow but inhabited as well...

LUCIAN (of Samosata) said in A.D. 165 :

"We were suddenly caught in a whirlwind, which turned our vessel several times around in a circle with tremendous speed and lifted it more than three thousand stadia into the air, not setting it down again on the sea, but kept it suspended above the water at that height, and carried us on, and with swelled sails, above the clouds.
After an aerial voyage of seven days and seven nights, we sighted land in the air. It was an island, luminous, spherical and shining with strong light.
We put into it, and having cast anchor, landed. On examining the country, we discovered that it was inhabited and cultivated.
In the daylight we could see nothing from where we were, but when night came, other islands became visible to us in the surrounding air, some close by, some larger and some smaller, with the apppearance of fire.
There was another island below us , with cities, rivers, seas, woods, and mountains on it. This, we concluded, was our own world."

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