Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Vermont Chemtrail Links


If you have witnessed any abnormal activity in the skies above Vermont, especially in the north, I would like to hear about it. E-mail me, . Keep it short and as descriptive as possible. I will post the sighting on this blog with or without your name, as you choose. The more recent the sighting, the better!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chemtrails Moolighting in Vermont

I became aware of the Chemtrail phenomenon gradually, while filming Illuminist and Masonic architecture in and around Burlington, Vermont. At first, I was only periphially aware. I would read an article on the internet about it and I wasn't convinced of it right away. Other subjects were occupying my time. But whenever I had the video camera I would take a quick shot of any lingering trail in the sky when it caught my eye. Gradually it became clearer that there was (and is) a fair amount of action in the sky above concerning these trails. Initially it was only a few trails at a time, nothing like picures from elsewhere in the country. One day in 2003 I was biking from Essex Junction passing Fort Ethan Allen and I saw multiple trails, twenty or so, in a classic grid pattern. Of course I had no camera of any kind! Damn! I have not seen any day like it since, not so strong. Since that day I have been detrmined to learn as much as can about these operations and to capture as much footage as possible to show people that something is going on.
As my awareness and knowledge has grown on the topic so has my frustration with the apathy and breezy dismissal by people I would discuuss it with. This would happen with other "conspiracy" topics I would bring up, but this is at least something observable, and happening regularly, right above their heads. On one occasion, on a day when there was heavy spraying going on I was outside with a co-worker expaining it and pointing up and they wouldn't even look up! They just looked at me with a quizzical expression, like when one explains the finer points of French Expressionism to a dog, and the dog looks at you as if to say "I still love you Master, can we play fetch now?"
On my public access show, Zero Hour Power, I have had a total of two solid hours of footage taken in and around Burlington. The problem is that people do not take the time to inform themselves, even with the internet and all. With that said, a certain amount of people are becoming aware slowly but surely. I am going to post some of the more obvious chemtrails I've filmed on this blog soon enough.
It is happening across the globe, and is one more body of collective evidence that there is an over-arching agenda of the Elite to enslave and use the rest of us as they wish. And they could give a shit if they are dumping poisonous chemicals and biological compounds into the air we breathe.
I'm writing this on a day when the "haze" (from the Ohio Valley-yeah, right!) is so thick I just can't help wondering if it is in any way natural...After observing the chemtrail dispersal, my feeling is that it is probably not natural,and probably intentional.
Breathe in, breathe out...