Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unconventional Weaponry

Herbert Mitgang's 1981 book The Montauk Fault is a fictional account of an ex-reporter willingly caught up in Cold War espionage dealing with advanced geophysical weaponry.
The main character, Sam Linkum quits his news oriented paper after it is absorbed by a t.v.-news conglomerate. Linkum then gets a call from his old WW2 Air Corps counterintelligence buddy now working as a civilian in the Pentagon. Hap Chorley is now civilian director of the United States Air Force Security Service. Hap wants Sam to deliver a message to the Soviets via another old friend who used to work with them in Soviet Intelligence but now head of an art museum.
Soon Sam is caught up in secret meetings and travelling around the U.S. and Europe. Private helicoptors, military jets large and small are there to wisk him away to the necessary places. At one point the Soviets even fly him personally in a Mig jet fighter to a top-secret location.
The Soviets have weapons that can trigger earthquakes. The U.S. has weaponry that can evaporate lakes. Sam is the messenger between the two powers as they conduct geophysical and weather warfare. The public is unaware that these "natural catastrophes" are the result of warfare.
Mitgang is a skilled author who keeps the action going. He was involved in Air Corp counterintelligence during WW2 as well as working as an Army correspondent.
This is a story written by a New York Times cultural correspondent about a reporter who is in essence still working for military intelligence. To put two and two together, here are some excerpts...
Hap mentions some agents killed in Armenia in a Soviet-made earthquake " 'Four, maybe five college professors,' he said "Our front was an archeological dig. I had some of the same professors that I used under contract during the Vietnam War. Their universities, by the way, were happy to cooperate and serve as the conduit for payments. You know, you can most always buy a professor by dangling a fat research grant, a conference at th Aspen Insitute in Colorado or Berlin, and guarantee that you'll get his book published afterward, never mind how...Anyway, my professors were supposedly looking for the umpteenth Lion Gate of the Hittites...On the side they dug up the real stuff-analyzing data about the Russkies in Soviet Armenia.' "
Sam asks about an article he saw as suspicious and Hap says," 'No Problem-wecan get stuff on Reuters wire just like we can get stuff on the American netwoks with our inside friends. Everybody's got a price, even journalists-they just happen to work a little cheaper than others...' "
The Russian guy says at one point " We have many science-fiction books written in my country because one can say things about other planets that we cannot about our own."
Also of interest is the book's title The Montauk Fault. In the story the quake in Armenia was a deliberate targeting of the archeologists/spies. The second quake targets Long Island's Montauk, location of Montauk Air Force station where the 1943 Philadelphia time travel experiments took place.
Another little tidbit in the first chapter Mitgang writes "Overlooking President Washington's freemasonry, several of the memorial services that Sunday called attention to his prescience and faith in God and country, his devotion to the Montauk lighthouse, and to the men who put out to sea guided by the shining light of a Higher Being."
As another aside, the author points out the Soviet suppression of Jews at the time and restriction of their immigration to Israel. Of course the top Soviets were both freemasons and Jewish, and the founders of Israel were atheist communists and with the "fall of the Berlin Wall" tons of Russian Jews took off for Israel.
To sum up:
Reporters are intelligence assets.
War is waged through "natural" catastrophes.
N.Y. Times writers pay homage to feemasonry and Israel when writing revealing books.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Video Postcard From Burlington, Vt.

It's only going to get worse. How's that for positive thinking?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1999 Columbine Shootings In Detail

Evan Long researched the over 30,000 public documents related to the 1999 Columbine, Colorado shootings and has formed a 3-D picture of the event from eye-witness accounts. This needs to be seen by people looking for clues behind Virginia Tech and Mumbai. Compelling.

My interview with Evan. More details and a good overview of the events of April 20, 1999.