Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Truth Behind the 1999 Columbine Shootings

We are coming up on the 10th anniversery of Columbine and like so many other tragedies in history it has the fingerprints "those in power" all over it. Evan Long uncovers them here:
And here is my interview with Evan mid-2008:

Films such as Evan's well-researched and documented effort reveal how much of what is going on in the world is scripted to a greater extent than is comfortable, to say the least.
People should watch this and I don't understand why more have not. I have watched many of the New World Order and 911 documentaries and The Columbine Cause stands with the best of them, in my opinion. Documented eyewitness accounts form the core of the film.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sites for cities and towns were chosen for their relationship to rivers, mountains, the stars and overall relationship to other towns. Nigel Pennick says in his book Hitler's Secret Sciences " According to Feng Shui, every place on earth has special features that modify the local influences of the subtle forces of nature. The shapes of hills and the directions of watercourses are the most important features, but also the shapes and sizes of buildings, the direction of roads and boundaries have certain effects. The nature of these subtle forces alters from hour to hour with changing planetary influences, so astrological aspects as seen from the place in question have to be taken into account by the geomant when calculating the best site for a building."
Burlington, Vermont had a grid of 30 blocks laid down on the shore of Lake Champlain ("discovered" July 4,1609). America was long-planned to be the New Atlantis, and those in the know had a clean slate with which to work. The French and Indian wars were mainly a divide and conquer strategy allying new settlers with various native groups to war against each other. This fit the "order out of chaos" method used by the freemasonic elites to achieve their aims wherever in the world they are manipulating events. These conflicts took down the native nations and prepared the people and the land for the incoming structure.
The lake would be a major subtle energy supply for the city and drawn into the grid through the placement of buildings and symbolism located on the buildings. The symbolism affects the mind on levels above and below conscious thought.
Pennick says of especially potent areas, "As access points to the earth's energy grid these centers were jealously guarded. Sacred buildings were specifically designed to channel and enhance those energies to the exclusive use of the priesthood that owned them, for to possess these sites was to have control of the 'psychic body' of the whole country"

College street is my current focus of attention as it runs from the lake up the hill to the University of Vermont. Energy flows from numerous springs under the UVM Green near the Ira Allen statue, located at the head of College St. This is important in relation to College St. being the Sacral chakra of the Church St. Energy System. Water is the element of this chakra. The building at the top of the street is called "Waterman" The energy from the springs flow down the hill at the same time energy is being pulled into the grid at the bottom of College St. The symbol on the map where the street ends is this lotus flower. This "teardrop" is College Street's root chakra. The lotus grows on water.
I still have not worked out the specific chakra system of this street. Although major energy centers are apparent, what they are exactly remains to be seen. As far as the local powers-that-be around here are concerned College St. is still a work in progress especially compared to Church Street. They are moving ahead at a rapid pace despite the sinking economy.See this link:

In the previous post I had an extensive quote from Michael Harner about the winged dragons who communicated to him their version of reality, telling him that they had created life on earth as a hiding place from an undefined enemy(God?). Harner said they resembled DNA and felt evil. Are these beings the Kundalini force tapped into through yoga. Is this why we are so heavily focused on DNA. On the Tree of Life a large serpent is wrapped around the trunk and manipulates the worms living near the roots(Manley P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All the Ages).
This gargoyle sits on Williams Science Hall. Note the beak, wings and looped tail. Science is simply modern day alchemy put into the light of day and designed to lead us into narrow whirlpools of thinking ending right back where we began with the magician-priests in control of human destiny.

This fountain is located at the center of the UVM Green just over from the Ira Allen Statue. These three guys spout water from their months in the warmer months of the year. I cannot think of any symbol as being more blatant than this one. Water serpents as the centerpiece of a university, where knowledge is dispensed. They are also located in a circle of bricks.
As an aside, a number of years ago I was under the influence of psilocybin in some woods near here with a friend, when we began to ask "What's the Secret?". At this point things got real heavy for me. A gray disc appeared above me with a series of infinite concentric rings surrounding it and within each ring were incredible patterns of varying colors and shapes. I began to experience what I can only describe as the most intense psychic pain I had ever felt, before or since. I eventually came back up to a less intense plane of reality after being comforted by my friend and was soon laughing and feeling much better -but I will never forget that intense, sharp, pain and vision. A couple of years later I was walking in the same area and in the middle of the stream where the experience had taken place someone had built, out of cast-aside bricks, a circle.

Moving along down the street to City Hall Park is this Millennium Bell. This was the winner of a Millennium sculpture contest and I remember wondering why something as non-momentous as this thing had been chosen as the winner for such a major turning point in history. Now it seems all too clear. This is a bell in the shape of a pyramid, the favored shape and symbol of our controllers. Bell=Baal. An elongated pyramid represents the upward path of the chakras. Bells are used to syncronize thoughts and disperse evil spirits, but I wouldn't be surprised if they also summon them.

Here is the cross of Church St. and College St. This symbol for sure has many layers of meaning but the first that comes to mind is the solar cross. Some say that light is only formed when the energies of the sun "cross" the energies of the earth, especially the interior sun(if the earth is hollow) thereby forming, or giving birth to, light. I like to say that it symbolizes the control of the church and the college by the elite of this town. And it is a pyramid from the top. Viewed diagonally it is an "X" and x marks the spot. Xristos.

This company is no longer located on Church St. but I always thought it helped to show the focus of the North Pole in esoteric circles. The Earth Line on the street represents Burlington's longitude globally. We are indeed in a global system (or systems, locally) of control. Santa of X-Mass fame comes from the north pole. Is the earth hollw and are there really openings at either end? I wouldn't dismiss it out of hand. I recommend the novel Etidorhpa (Aphrodite in reverse).

The main protagonist of the story is told by his humanoid guide that humans will eventually migrate en mass to the interior of the earth when the surface becomes unlivable. There are various levels within the earth, each with its own reality and some more inhabitable than others. Light is also available and it is explained that our understanding of the energies of light is not complete. That light energy penetrates or passes through physical matter and appears as visible light on the interior as well.

X is the symbol for place. The number 10. It is also in the logo of the ECHO-Leahy Center. I think this is representative of some sort of alchemical process, resulting in a "dew". The X may also mean the crossbones of the skull and bones. The initiate in mystery religions must "die" and be reborn into a new life decided by his masters, in this way attaining enlightenment.
If anyone can help me out with this symbol, I would appreciate it. It may be that it has multiple levels or just so simple I can't even see it. At face value it is definitely a an X resulting in a waterdrop

Of course it could be saying "Here is the Place of Water", reflection, echo, duality and illusion.
So much false promotion of the state of Vermont and Burlington is propagated out to the rest of the country and the world as this great liberal and "quirky"(i.e. small and ignorable) place but it is not. It is just as full of shit as anywhere else. I say this because so many people arrive here due to the propaganda, find out it was false and then proceed to blame it on the people who live here. Please stop this nonsense. If one understands how evil (yes, evil) all these symbols and esoteric earth-energy mechanisms are and see that it is an ongoing process here in the green mountains, and see that it also worldwide then one would not be so quick to come here and tell me how much I suck. These falsehoods are given to outsiders by the usual set of elite fools who spend thousands on new buildings and public works and at the same time make it impossible for people to pay the rent.