Monday, November 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Thousand Ways

Flipper- End the Game

"Conspiracy is the game
That the U.S. likes to play
You work and work a thousand ways
And still you´re only a slave
Working for your meals
And you´re working for your days
And still you work and go to
Bed with anyone you feel
And you´re walking down the street
And you´re playing part of the game
Because all the time they´re watching
You know how you feel
And you think you wanna do something
To deal with how you feel
But every time you try they slash you in the heel
And you´re standing in a line
And you´re waiting for government goods
And you´re thinking that you´re part of them
Try and get a job
But what can you do?
Secretaries, lawyers...
I got a life
Fuck ´em
I got a right
Fuck ´em
Don´t need a date
Fuck ´em"

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hollow Earth-Our Destiny

"These meandering caverns comprise thousands of miles of surface covered by these growths which shall yet fulfill a grand purpose in the economy of nature, for they are destined to feed tramping multitudes when the day appears in which the nations of men will desert the surface of the earth and pass as a single people through these caverns on their way to the immaculate existence to be found in the inner sphere."
-John Uri Lloyd, Etidrhpa.

Here is the Red Ice Interview with Brooks Agnew: