Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chemtrails Above Burlington, March 27, 2010

In my previous update on chemtrail activity over Burlington I said it was sporadic but I think it edging back up towards the levels seen in previous years. This morning was clear but by 2:30 pm the sky was overcast with obvious chemtrail haze.

I saw two large chemtrails being made plus several more previously made remnants, in a 45 minute period. There were more later on...

It's time consuming and tricky to document the chemtrails each time they appear.

Even more difficult is showing on clear, blue days how there are few to no jets all day long.

It has been a constant source of amazement how people will say with authority and absolute certainty that the jets are landing at the airport.

Then they will state that it is the increased air traffic. Burlington is not in a major air corridor. Some days there are lots of these large, military looking jets leaving trails and other days, nothing, no jets.

I rarely talk to people about it anymore. They think they look at the sky, but don't observe it carefully nor in a critical way, especially regarding air traffic.

It is this more than any other subject that has imprinted on my brain that people are not only wrapped up in their own lives but also cannot think outside the parameters set by officials. In this case the officials are the various weathermen and climate scientists such as those that work with the Hazecam.

People are fatalists except when the shit blatantly hits the fan close by. Like any other topic that might be disturb preset beliefs, the subject of Chemtrails does not bring happy thoughts and has no placating answers concerning the who and why of it.

And since "officials" aren't talking about it on the nightly news then it is an easy subject to dismiss.

I decided early in 2009 not to wear myself out trying to reach people but still I wonder why so many accept at face value the consensus reality given by education, media and all the rest.
I can see it in myself. When you stand up to question a widely accepted notion, the hammer of disbelief, ridicule and anger comes down and who wants to deal with that?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chemtrails in Vermont -An Update

The amount of jets spraying crap into the sky has become sporadic and less obvious yet the haze on the horizon is alway there.
Spread out trails sprayed elsewhere float in accompanied by one or two jets that spray over the "clouds" (some are real and some are not).
Things are not as obvious but it's still going on.
Today is -so far- a blue sky day but a couple of weeks ago I saw ten trails before going to work. And who knows what goes on when the skies are overcast.

I do not claim to know EXACTLY what the elite is up to, but I do know that I have taken the time (seven years) to critically study the sky once the abnormal trails were pointed out to me.

Here is my overview of the years 2006-2009 showing the chemtrail activity over Burlington, Vermont and why the jet activity alone is out of place.

Part 2

Part 3

It's 4:30pm and from my portch I can see a honkin' chemtrail. Here is the view from the top of the hill looking west over Lake Champlain:

And a second shot:

Visit the Hazecam, located on top of the Old Mill building on the University of Vermont campus.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making Connections In Light Of The Hollie Greig Scandal

The current exposure of a pedophile ring involving police officers and social workers in Scotland by a girl with Downs Syndrome , Hollie Greig,  reveals that this type of corruption reaches to the highest level of society.


Although this story is not being reported by the fearful mainstream press because of the high-powered people involved, the amount of child porn, child porn rings, and sexual abuse cases in the news is almost overwhelming even in a small state like Vermont.

In many of the larger national and international child porn rings many thousands of people are investigated with only a handful prosecuted.

The individual perpetrators are covered by the local media as a blip on the radar and then the story disappears, to be followed by the next such event.
They are on the news just long enough for a few nights of sensational reporting of a couple of paragraphs giving us what the police say and then maybe the subsequent court dates.

Individual cases appear in Vermont and are investigated by the police and sometimes charges are brought and other times the public is told there is not enough evidence.
Police and prosecutors are in control of the evidence, usually on a computer, which can make access to evidence difficult or time consuming.
Reporters have to cover a wide variety of news items and so their follow-up later on is just to report what the police have said and no digging on their own.

Vermont is small, so the size and number of events in proportion to the national is that of small city (620,000+ population), but of course with all the infrastructure that accompanies a state.

Police and Child Porn

A recent case that has quickly come and gone is that of a Vermont Police Academy Trainer who killed himself soon after allegations of potential child pornography on his computer at the school.
Here is a quote from Brent Curtis of the Times Argus of Vermont:

"Police also said former academy director R.J. Elrick, who resigned on Thursday, was part of an internal personnel investigation that focused on “electronic communication” between staff members, including David McMullen whose body was found at about 10:20 a.m. today behind a maintenance shed at the academy."

McMullen was the training coordinator for Homeland Security and counter-terrorism.

If there was nothing wrong why did the head of the school resign and the suspect kill himself only a fews days into the investigation?

And to kill one's self behind a shed on school grounds should set off alarm bells as to this being a possible homicide.

Soon after this a Rutland police Officer was investigated for possible child porn on a police laptop computer. In this case reporters at both the Times-Argus and the Rutland Herald are trying to get more out of the authorities, here.

Whether this goes anywhere and if any connection exists between the two cases remains to be seen.

Brooke Bennett

The abduction and murder of Brooke Bennett who had been sexually abused by her uncle was a high profile case which initially appeared to involve a larger child sex ring called "Breckenridge". I believe this was later dismissed by authorities as a fabrication by Brooke's uncle used as a way to manipulate Brooke into doing what he demanded.

Brooke Bennett's step father, Raymond  Gagnon, was convicted of production and possession of child pornography in San Antonio, Texas and was accused of sexually assaulting a minor over a five year period in Randolph,Vermont.

A quote from another victim of Brooke's uncle,WCAX, June 30, 2008:

"In the police affidavit, it says the victim was told the president of the United States had selected her for the sex program. The president assigns a trainer, and her trainer would be Michael Jacques. And then she was abused-- almost tortured-- on a weekly basis in many different ways for the next five years. The victim testified she had met three men as part of the "Breckenridge" ring who had told her what types of sexual activity she needed to work on to graduate."

To get an idea why these kinds of comments should be given more scrutiny, this video about abuse by businessmen, police officers, state and national congressmen in Nebraska has to be seen:

One of the victims, Paul Bonacci elaborates on his abuse by national leaders.
His testimony corroborates other abuse victims' claims such as Cathleen O'Brian:

More Examples

In 2002 Irwin Abrams, the owner of Abrams photo shop next to Leunig's Bistro on Church Street in Burlington was convicted of photographing underage girls in the nude. Here is the Free Press Article from February 2002:

"Burlington photographer Irwin Abrams was sentenced to nine years' probation, sex-offender counseling and a large fine for taking pictures of nude and partially nude underage girls. Abrams, 68, pleaded no contest in Vermont District Court in Burlington to one count of lewd and lascivious conduct and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The delinquency charges were for giving money to teen-age models Abrams knew were addicted to drugs. As part of his sentence, Abrams must donate $25,000 to a local drug treatment facility. ... The child pornography charge was later dismissed. ... Abrams' conditions of probation include a number of safeguards to prevent him from taking more illegal pictures. It is legal to photograph nude adults with the subject's consent, but it is illegal to photograph nude children. (Abrams claims that the girls said they were 18, but that he never bothered to check identification.) ... Burgess pointed out that Abrams victims were young and lacked judgment in accepting the modeling jobs."

Abrams was a respected member of the local community and so this story made headlines for a while and then went away as soon as he was sentenced.
There is probably more to this story because a person whose business is photography probably would want to make some profit after taking these types of photos.

Another example is this,from WCAX in 2002:

"A former Burlington police officer was sentenced to serve at least years in prison for sexually exploiting a retarded teenage girl.

Patrick Voorheis, 50, South Burlington, was sentenced Monday at the Burlington District Court three years after he was arrested for his part in taking nude photos of a retarded 13-year-old Burlington girl. At the time, Voorheis was a Burlington Police Sergeant with 20 years service. The girl's mother is already serving a prison sentence of nine months to seven years for taking the photos."

2004, WCAX reported:

"Vermont authorities are stepping up participation in a nation-wide kiddie porn sting.

"We made approximately 30 contacts with suspects, seven arrests," Lt. Mike Schirling of the Burlington police told reporters at a late afternoon press conference.

That's just the Vermont total after a two year nationwide investigation."

These are just a few examples. Certainly some of these are people acting alone but who knows what police come across and do not report because it involves someone "important".

Other Nations

In Belgium, Marc Dutroux kidnapped, tortured, and raped girls as part of an organized criminal operation that extended to the national gvernment and was used partially to blackmail officials.

 In his incredibly detailed and well-researched articles entitled "The Pedophocracy" Dave Mcgowan mentions Latvia as another example where the investigation leads to the top:

"As 1999 drew to a close, the nation of Latvia was rocked by a child prostitution/child pornography scandal that reached to the very top of the political power structure. The case first broke in August, when police uncovered a massive operation involving as many as 2,000 severely abused children. When media reports began linking top Latvian officials to the case, a special parliamentary commission was formed to investigate.

In February 2000, the chairman of the commission delivered a report to Parliament linking the country's Prime Minister, Justice Minister, director of the State Revenue Service, and a number of army and law enforcement officers to the case. Efforts were immediately begun to discredit the commission chairman, including allegations that he is tied to the former KGB – a classic case of red-baiting, enabling the allegations to be dismissed as ‘Communist’ propaganda."

In Scotland, as a result of the Dunblane pre-school shootings, connections were made from the shooter to a child sex ring involving high officials. Read Here.

Wake Up

A pattern begins to emerge where a certain portion of our society, from leaders to police to teachers to social workers, are involved in practices which are beyond the pale.

People need to wake up to what has happened to our society. Systematic pornography has corrupted all of us and opened the door for this type of behavior, encouraged by degenerates at the top.
It stems also from a spiritual corruption by these same people, taking what is natural and perverting it.
It certainly has affected my life for the negative and without the knowledge of the true nature of the situation there can never be any positive growth.

Please listen to this interview with Hollie Greig"s mother which, once the discussion starts rolling, cuts to the chase about the central problem the world over.