Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tristan Metroze: Another Dead Banker (July 22, 2015)

Tristan Metroze, worked for Morgan Stanley.

In light of all the dead bankers, this poor guy fits right into the pattern. Additionally he has a military backround.

This story is being completely ignored by not only the mainstream media but the alternative sites online. It fits the pattern and one wonders how made other deaths there have been that have not attracted any attention in this "dead banker" situation.

It may be that he decided to end it all by driving into the lake (he did have PTSD) but it could have been a hit as well.

It's like so much in both the mainstream and alternative media -its only news if they want it to be.

Via local WCAX news:
The mystery of a missing man in northern New York was solved Wednesday when his body was found in a car in Lake Champlain.
New York State Police say it appears 39-year-old Tristan Metroze intentionally drove his car off the pier at the ferry dock in Port Kent. A recreational diver found the car underwater Wednesday, with a body inside. Police have confirmed it is Metroze.
It's unclear when the New York City man went into the lake. He'd been missing since June 4, when he was last seen in Lake Placid."

Via Linkedin:

Financial Advisor Associate

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
(2 years)Manhattan, new york city

Executive Administrative Staff

VA Healthcare Pittsburgh
(2 years)greater Pittsburgh area

Hospital Corpsman

US Navy
(7 years)Camp Lejeune"

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

1983 Lookout Mountain Film: "Wavelength"

This film should interest all of Dave Mcgowan's Laurel Canyon Conspiracy fans.
It stars Cherie Currie, one of Frank Zappa's "Runaways" and the story revolves around breaking into Lookout Mountain Laboratory.
The film has the feel of being directed and/or written by someone involved in the military.
Although the alien theme may have been allowed as a reason for the film, its a good bet it was not promoted in the long run because it dealt with Lookout Mountain Laboratory and that was a subject best left ignored until Dave McGowan, that is.