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Dead Planet by Front Line Assembly

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Manly P. Hall: Soul Over Circumstance

I may not agree with the coming together of all religions of the world but much of what Hall says here feels true. I would also dovetail what he calls "Truth" and "Love" into love of God, personally.
I also could not agree more with what he says concerning reviving the guild style of teaching and learning.

John Uri Lloyd, Etidorhpa and Human Destiny

"Some of us come into the world to teach, we cannot evade our destiny. Whether we teach from our own selves or from others, is of no moment, the important point is whether we teach properly. Will the result of our instruction tend to elevate the thought of others and thus lead to truth and self humility, to love and charity? Etidorhpa is not an idle creation. The mission of this book is unseen by most of its readers. The thought current will be felt though by every reader and it pains me to appreciate the fact that to some the beauties of the work will serve but to deepen their hatred of conceptions holy and sublime."
-John Uri Lloyd, in a letter dated 1895.

John Uri Lloyd was a well known chemist and pharmaceutical scientist of the late 1800's and early 1900's. He began his career as a chemist's apprentice in Cincinnati, Ohio and was soon invited to join a botanical group of chemists known as the Eclectics.

Lloyd kept his assoociation with the Eclectics while eventually forming his own pharmaceutical research and production company with his brothers Ashley and Curtis, both trained chemists.

John Parascandola, in the Dictionary of Scientific Biography says that "Lloyd was a pioneer in the application of physical chemistry to pharmaceutical techniques."

Among Lloyd's numerous innovations was his "cold still". In U.S. Patent 777,115 Lloyd says "The object of my invention is an apparatus for making solutions, such as extracts and abstracts, whereby the substance held in solution is not changed by heat, by which the strength of the solution may be changed readily to suit the case..."

Though the production of pharmaceuticals was his livelihood, Lloyd had other passions along with his brother Curtis, namely books on science, alchemy and all things botanical. Curtis Lloyd was a bibliophile and a mycologist. He spent much of his time devoted to travelling the globe in search of books for the Lloyd Library and anything to do with mushrooms.

J. Augustus Knapp

It was while working for the Standard Publishing Company that Curtis met the artist and illustrator J. Augustus Knapp.
Knapp did the illustrations for John Uri Lloyd's first novel Etidorpha (Aphrodite backwards). Knapp also did the illustations for a deck of Tarot cards commissioned by Manley P. Hall, one of the top Masonic historians of the twentieth century.

Etidorhpa is a unique book. Lloyd had written only scientific articles previous to 1895 and the book seemed to come out of the blue. Many consider this book to be the flight of fantasy of a scientific mind, but in light of recent scientific developments, check out this quote:

"Further development may enable men to picture the figures engraved on the convolutions [of the brain], and at last to read the thoughts that are engraved within the brains of others, and thus through material investigation the observer will perceive the recorded thought of another person. An instrument capable of searching and illuminating the retina could be easily affixed to the eye of a criminal, after which, if the mind of the person operated upon were stimulated by the suggestion of an occurrence either remote or recent, the mind faculty would excite the brain, produce the record, and spread the circumstances as a picture before the observer. The brain would tell its own story, and the investigator could read the truth as recorded in the brain of the other man. A criminal subjected to such an examination could not tell an untruth, or equivocate; his very brain would present itself to the observer."


The story is about William Morgan, whose disappearance in 1826 sparked the Anti-Masonic movement which continued until it lost steam around 1835. Lloyd does not name Morgan but gives all the details of the well-publicised events (but strangely getting the month of Morgan's kidnapping wrong).

The protagonist of Etidorhpa is researching alchemy and he receives a mysterious and authoritative letter telling him to join a certain secret society and then write a book revealing its secrets. There is no public evidence that Morgan was interested in alchemy, but most of the recounting of the Morgan affair is done by Masons themselves (to control how people perceive the events) and they may not want people to know this fact or be unaware of it themselves.

The letter says in part:

"The world is nearly ripe for the wisdom faculty, and men are ready to unravel the golden threads that mystic wisdom has inwoven in her web of secret knowledge. Look for knowledge where I have indicated, and to gain it do not hesitate to swear allegiance to this sacred order, for so you must do to gain entrance to the brotherhood, and then you must act what men will call the traitor. You will, however, be doing a sacred duty, for the world will profit, humanity will be the gainer, " Peace on Earth, Good Will to Man," will be closer to mankind, and at last, when the sign appears, the " white elixir " will no longer be allegorical; it will become a reality. In the name of the Great Mystic Vase-Man, go thou into these lodges, learn of their secrets, and spread their treasures before those who can interpret them."

The protagonist who goes by the name I-Am-The-Man-Who-Did-It is then kidnapped, put through a Masonic death and rebirth ritual (the entire book may be one), has his features changed into that of an old man so that no one recognises him and is then taken to a remote location where he enters into the earth guided by a non-human being.

Many underlying realities, such as telepathy, are revealed:

"There will be an unconscious development of new mind-forces in the student of nature as the rudiments of these so-called sciences are elaborated. Step by step, as the ages pass, the faculties of
men will, under progressive series of evolutions, imperceptibly pass into higher phases until that which is even now possible with some individuals of the purified esoteric school, but which would seem miraculous if practiced openly at this day, will prove feasible to humanity generally and be found in exact accord with natural laws."


" It has been ordained that a select few must from time to time pass over the threshold that divides a mortal's present life from the future, and your lot has been cast among the favored ones. It is or should be deemed a privilege to be permitted to pass farther than human philosophy has yet gone, into an investigation of the problems of life; this I say to encourage you. We have in our order a handful of persons who have received the calculated fruits of the close attention others have given to these subjects which have been handed to them by the generations of men who have preceded. You are destined to become as they are. This study of semi-occult forces has enabled those selected for the work to master some of the concealed truths of being, and by the partial development of a new sense or new senses, partly to triumph over death. These facts are hidden from ordinary man, and from the earth-bound workers of our brotherhood, who can not even interpret the words they learn. The methods by which they are elucidated have been locked from man because the world is not prepared to receive them, selfishness being the ruling passion of debased mankind, and publicity, until the chain of evidence is more complete, would embarrass their further evolutions, for man as yet lives on the selfish plane."

" Do you mean that, among men, there are a few persons possessed of powers such as you have mentioned?"

" Yes; they move here and there through all orders of society, and their attainments are unknown, except to one another, or, at most, to but few persons. These adepts are scientific men, and may not even be recognized as members of our organization; indeed it is often necessary, for obvious reasons, that they should not be known as such. These studies must constantly be prosecuted in various directions, and some monitors must teach others to perform certain duties that are necessary to the grand evolution. Hence, when a man has become one of our brotherhood, from the promptings that made you one of us, and has been as ready and determined to instruct outsiders in our work as you have been, it is proper that he should in turn be compelled to serve our people, and eventually, mankind."

As he is taken further into the earth it is revealed that immense cavities exist at various levels each with its own type of reality. The creature guiding him gives various dissertations on the nature of food, light, energy and the general ignorence of men and science.

"Near surface earth we passed through caverns filled with creeping reptiles; through others we were surrounded by flying creatures, neither beast nor bird; we passed through passages of ooze and labyrinths of apparently interminable intra-earth structures; to have disported on such features of my journey would have been impracticable. From time to time I experienced strains of melody, such as never before had I conceived, seemingly choruses of angels were singing in and to my very soul. From empty space about me, from out the crevices beyond and behind me, from the depths of my spirit within me, came these strains in notes clear and distinct, but yet indescribable. Did I fancy, or was it real? I will not pretend to say. Flowers and structures beautiful, insects gorgeous and inexplicable were spread before me. Figures and forms I can not attempt to indicate in word descriptions, ever and anon surrounded, accompanied, and passed me by. The canvas conceptions of earth-bred artists bring to mind no forms so strange and weird and yet so beautiful as were these compound beings. Restful beyond description was it to drink in the indescribable strains of poetry of motion that I appreciated in the movements of fair creatures I have not mentioned, and it was no less soothing to experience the soul relief wrought by the sounds about me, for musicians know no notes so sweet and entrancing."

" There were also, in side caverns to which I was led, combinations of sounds and scenes in which floating strains and
fleeting figures were interwoven and interlaced so closely that the senses of both sight and hearing became blended into a single sense, new, weird, strange, and inexpressible. As flavor is the combination of odor and taste, and is neither taste nor odor, so these sounds and scenes combined were neither scenes' nor sounds, but a complex sensation, new, delicious. Sometimes I begged to be permitted to stop and live forever 'mid those heavenly charms, but with as firm a hand as when helping me through the chambers of mire, ooze, and creeping reptiles, my guide drew me onward"

At one point they enter a cavern filled with exotic and edible fungii...

"Along the chamber through which we now passed I saw by the mellow light great pillars, capped with umbrella-like covers, some of them reminding me of the common toadstool of upper Earth, on a magnificent scale. Instead, however, of the grey and somber shades to which I had been accustomed, these objects were of various hues and combined the brillancy of the primary prismatic colors, with the purity of clean snow. Now they would stand solitary, like sentinels; again they would be arranged in rows, the alingment as true as if established by the hair of a transit, forming columnar avenues, and in other situations they were wedged together so as to produce masses, acres in extent, in which the stems became hexagonal by compression. The columnar stems, larger than my body, were often spiral; again they were marked by diamond-shaped figures, or other geometrical forms in relief, beautifully exact, drawn as by a master’s hand in rich and delicately blended colors, on pillars of pure alabaster. Not a few of the stems showed deep crimson, blue or green, together with other rich colors combined; over which, as delicate as the rarest of lace, would be thrown, in white, an enamel-like intracate tracery, far surpassing in beauty of execution the most exquisite needle-work I had ever seen. There could be no doubt I was in a forest of collossal fungi, the species of which are more numerous than those of upper earth, cryptomatic vegetation."

Then this revealing statement:

"These meandering caverns comprise thousands of miles of surface covered by these growths which may yet fulfill a grand purpose in the ceremony of nature, for they are destined to feed tramping multitudes when the day appears in which the nations of men will desert the surface of the earth and pass as a single people through these caverns on their way to the immaculate existence to be found in the inner sphere.”

Crystal Caves in Mexico

Even today there are only hints at what lurks benaeth the surface of our Earth and beyond the limits of common knowledge.

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Cornucopia Vermont

Republic of Vermont All-Seeing Eye Coin, 1785-88

"The Masons were largely descendants of the ruling group in the state, which constituted the aristocrats in a sense. Chittenden and the Allens and their crowd were all Masons, and for all the democratic talk, Vermont was founded as a republic with a high concentration of power in the hands of a few."
-Cora Cheney, from her book Profiles From The Past.

The founding fathers of the United States of America were, almost to a man, Freemasons and so it should come as little suprise that the founders of Vermont were also from the exact same fraternal order.
Slowly but surely, the influence of secret societies on the development of America is coming into full public view, albeit mostly through sensationalized fictional versions by authors such as Dan Brown.
These versions give a whitewashed account, portraying freeemasons as struggling to bring liberalism to an overly-religious and superstitious people, and are little more than freemasonic promotional material.

Ira Allen

Ethan and Ira Allen, along with the first governor of Vermont, Thomas Chittenden, were all Freemasons. In the book Ancient Craft Masonry in Vermont, by Lee S. Tillotson, the author goes into some detail:

"Dr. Jonas Fay, who recieved his second degree in Vermont Lodge on June 26,1782, the same night that Ira Allen and Thomas Chittenden were initiated, also became amember of the North Star Lodge..."

"on November10,1781, a charter was issued by St.Andrews Grand Lodge of Massechusetts to Jim Barret and others for a masonic lodge at Springfield, Vermont, under the name "Vermont Lodge". The number of this lodge in the Massechusetts register was 17."

"The petition for the charter was dated at Cornish, Vermont, May 11, 1781"

"The original charter...It bears among others the signiature of Paul Revere, then Grand Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge of Massechusetts"

"Ira Allenand Thomas Chittenden were both intiated in Vermont Lodge on the same night, June 26,1782. The records relative to the bringing to masonic light of those two noted men are as follows:
June 24, 1782.'Br. Barrett proposes for initiation Ira Allen. The lodge having paricular Aquaintance of the foregoing proposal, proceeded to Ballot-Ballotted in Ira Allen.'
June 26, 1782.'Br. Fay proposes for initiation Thos. Chittenden Esqr. The Lodge having particular aquaintance of his Excellency Thos. Chittenden Esqr.(He was governor of Vermont at the time) proceeded to ballot for him. Ballotted in Thos. Chittenden.
Made Masons: Ira Allen: THos. Chittenden."

Thomas Chittenden

"Thomas Chittenden received his second and third degrees in North Star Lodge at Manchester, and afterwards became a charter member and the first master of Dorchester Lodge at Vergennes."


Soon after the apparent murder of William Morgan (an upstate New York lodge member who wrote a pamphlet exposing the initiation blood oaths of each of the degrees of Freemasonry) in 1826 by freemasons, people began to speak out against the brotherhood as never before.
The backlash in Vermont was particularly strong, at least publicly, and most lodges became dormant by 1835.

It seems that Freemasonry does not mind being exposed as long as it could control and direct the outcome.

The leaders of the national Anti-Masonic movement were all Masons. Both Henry Clay and William Wirt were unapologetic Masons, although Clay officially "demitted' from Lexington Lodge No.1 in Kentucky on November 18,1824.
An article from the Boston Courier (quoted in the Vermont Republican Journal of Oct.8,1831) contained an account of the National Anti-Masonic convention, in which a delegate who had opposed Wirt in the convention is quoted as saying:

"Have you not placed us in the most awkward predicament that men were ever placed? The Anti-Masonic Party supporting an avowed Mason for the Presidency!"

Pages 144-146 of Ancient Craft Masonry in Vermont states:

"In 1836, Nathan B. Haswell was right when he said : 'From this period I date the overthrow of anti-masonry'
"We have already seen how the Masonic organization was kept alive in this state. In June,1835, the Editor of theMiddlebury Free Press said ' Very much has been said of late of the fallen state of Masonry...Has a single Grand Lodge or Chapter or Encampment formally dissolved its organization? Not one. Every Grand Lodge, we believe, still continues its meetings. Such is the case in this state.'
And as such..continued to be 'the case in this state' although for many years no publicity was given to the fact."

Ani-Masonry basically withered and died on the vine due to the usurpation of top positions in the party. Focus turned gradually to Anti-Slavery and other affairs and then came the Civil War by which time the Anti-Masonic movement was a thing of the past.


The Grange was formed following the Civil War in 1866. It was designed to promote the upcoming industrial agricultural revolution, reign in post-war discontent, and serve as a safe and low-level entry point into freemasonry. The Grange allowed both men and women to join, but true advancement can only be made by then joining the Masons, which only men are allowed to do.

In Cora Cheney's Profiles From the Past, founder O.H. Kelley

"...thought it would be a good idea to apply this farm rehabilitation program to bind the wounds of the entire country, stressing that since farmers were all brothers, a secret society or brotherhood encompassing North and South could be the solution for many bitter problems.
Apparently the anti-secret society sentiment that had enraged Vermonters during the anti-Mason fight of a few decades before did not extend to the secret proceedings of the Grange, probably because the new group was not an elite establishment but rather was meant for all farmers."

She goes on...

"Monopolistic town general stores suffered when the Grange "stores" began cutting into their business. Alarmed merchants even tried, sometimes with success, to join the group and learn the Grange secrets to see if there were some way to stop this heady group of farmers from putting them out of business. The cornucopia symbol seemed to enrage a certain segment of the public who beleived that the horn of plenty was not for the tiller."

Here are some reasons why the tiller i.e., an honest citizen, might have some objection to the Horn of Plenty:

"In Greek mythology, Amalthea was a goat who raised Zeus on her breast milk. When her horn was accidentally broken off by Zeus while playing together, which changed Amalthea into a unicorn with 17 whiskers, the god in remorse gave her back her horn with the power to give to the person in possession of it whatever he or she wished for. This gave rise to the legend of the cornucopia. The original depictions were of the goat's horn filled with fruits and flowers: deities, especially Fortuna, would be depicted with the horn of plenty. The cornucopia was also a symbol for a woman's fertility."

"...the goat horn is a hollow phallic symbol, represented even today as the cup of plenty or cornucopia which we see represented in the Lodge.
...the shape of the horn (phallic outside and hollow inside) endows it with complex symbolism (including that of the lingam or symbol of generation) it is easy to understand its allegorical use as the horn of abundance.
...The androgenous symbolism of the horn of plenty is typical of the symbolism of the goat in general."
-Liber Capricornus,The Symbolism of the Goat by Eugene W. Plawiuk, Master Mason
Presented to Norwood Lodge No.90 A.F.& A.M. G.R.A. September 3 1991 C.E.


The word cornucopia comes from the Latin for horn. Then the name of the Grange, which implies grain and comes from the Latin granica. But then corn comes from the Old English word for grain, a seed or small particle. Granite also derives from this same Latin root.
The cornerstone is the first stone ritually laid in any building constructed by the Masons, invoking dieties with wine, oil and grains.
Corner (an angle, or point where two intersecting lines meet) comes from the same root as corn. Geometry is central to Masonry. G.A.O.T.U. or Great Architect Of the Universe (but by this they do not mean God the ultimate supreme being) is also an anagram for goat.

And on a final note, here is what Nathanial Colver, a leading member of the Anti-Masonic Party in Vermont, had to say about Freemasonry:

"I believe it is a moral evil in that its specious ceremonies are a combination of Christianity, Judaism, and heathenism. Its oaths are licentious and profane; and so far as there is weight in them, they rob its votaries of the inalienable rights of man. In its titles and degrees it is highly profane and blasphemous.

I believe that it is a political evil, in that like the silent leech it sucks the very life and blood of civil justice, and palsies the executive arm of lawful authority, but in many instances carrying a secret though successful influence into the bar, upon the bench, and into the jury room. Or if it chooses to thunder vengeance from the bar, upon the bench, or the jury, it can yet stay execution, or facilitate the escape of the guilty; while it erects a tribunal of its own, unsanctified by the laws of God or man, from which it extends a secret, multifarious, and dreadful arm, before which thousands of consciences have fallen prey.

I believe that Masonry is an imposition on the world, She boasts of light, and conscience, and knowledge. But these she only posesses in name. When brought forth to the light, and to the scrutiny of untrammelled investigation, what is she? Even her most enthusiastic patrons and votaries are ashamed of her-traiterously denying her personage and their allegiance, til they can drag her back into the dark, where phosphorous-like alone she shines, and where alone they can stupidly bow at her shrine as a mighty goddess."

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Jim Keith Mind Control Interview

Jim Keith discusses mind control and the dumbing down of the masses. This is a good introduction to the topic for those who are new to the subject or just curious.

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Energy of God

Srila Prabhupada, who brought the Hare Krishna movement from India to the Western world, imparts basic spiritual knowledge.

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Spooks and Snakes

There are rarely ever more than eight visitors a day to this blog so when I post an article and get thirteen the next day, I know something's up.

Maybe it's that large law firms have a way of tracking which alerts them if their name comes up anywhere on the internet or maybe the spooks are watching, who can say?

One of the hits was from Arlington, Virginia and that was probably a family member mentioned in the previous post. Some of the hits were from large law firms listed in the cut & pasted biography of Anne Yasmine Rassam.

Whatever the case is I hope people understand that this blog is all about investigating and interpreting reality from a different stance than mainstream journalism or culture. This ain't the Washington Post nor is it Pravda . Have a nice day.

"In human affairs men judge and act according to the limited knowledge at command of the multitude. Witnesses who tell the truth are often, in your courts of law, stunned by the decisions of a narrow-minded jury. Men sit on juries with little conception of the facts of the case that is brought before them; the men who manipulate them are mere tools in unseen hands that throw their several minds in antagonisms unexplainabble to man. The judge is unconsciously a tool of his own errors or those of others. One learned judge unties what another has fastened, each basing his views on the same testimony, each rendering his decision in accordance with law derived from the same authority."
-John Uri Lloyd

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Michelle Gardner-Quinn: Elite Occult?

"If we can help make our community safer and in this case, if we catch a guy and he hangs for something we did, we're thrilled."
-Perry Sporn, Perrywinkles Jewelry

Perry Sporn is talking about the installation of security cameras ("something we did") on his storefront which caught murder victim Michelle Gardner-Quinn and her now convicted murderer walking by in the early morning hours of October 7, 2006.

This incident took an otherwise anonymous college student and put her disappearance and murder into the national spotlight. Although the murder rate is relatively low in Vermont, it happens regularly and does not warrent national coverage. Who gets covered by the media and who doesn't ?

Michelle Gardner-Quinn grew up in Arlington, Virginia and had recently transferred to the University of Vermont (UVM) for her senior year as an environmental studies major. She had travelled to Costa Rica, Brazil and South Africa working on sustainable development and related research as this was her passion. She also travelled to New Orleans to help in the recovery after Hurricane Katrina.
Previously she had attended H.B. Woodlawn school in Arlington, Va. ("Hippie High") and went on to Goucher College in Baltimore.

While the media was content to exploit the details of Michelle's own life they left out anything concerning details of the lives of family and friends. It may not seem immediatly relevant to her murder, but in the case of who gets covered and who doesn't, it is.

Michelle's father, John-Charles Quinn, is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the American Trucking Associations. The ATA is the major trucking advocate for the industry in the United States. It is a politically right-wing organization which currently has the former Governor of Kansas, Bill Graves, as its President and CEO.

In an article by Wayne Madsen entitled "Full Circle With the Bush Criminal Enterprise" Madsen writes that:

"... Cheney’s Chief of Staff David Addington, who was with the CIA, the Iran-Contra Committee in Congress, and then signed on as senior Vice President for the American Trucking Associations (ATA). WMR reported yesterday on the involvement of a foundation set up by McLean Trucking Co., a member of the ATA, with covert Contra support. "

Madsen goes on to say:

"The ATA is a hotbed of GOP activity as well past connections with support for covert CIA activities. Its chief lobbyist is Jim (“Whit”) Whittinghill, a former aide to Sen. Bob Dole. Whittinghill’s wife, Nancy Dorn, served as an assistant to Texas Representative Tom Loeffler and later served as Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush."

Madsen then elaborates on the extensive postions of power held by Nancy Dorn which makes one wonder where these people find the time to eat and sleep...
Most of the goods and raw materials for industry in the U.S. are trucked, so the trucking industry is incredibly important in terms of power and control.

John-Charles Quinn is also Principal of Pro-Tech Consulting, Director of Data Administration and Security at the Association of American Railroads and is also amember of SIMS, the Society of Information Managers.
Where he worked previous to 1998 is unknown.

Michelle's half sister ( by their mother Diane Gardner-Quinn) is Anne-Yasmine Rassam, a conservative lawyer, columnist and Vice President of foreign policy and international women's issues for the Independent Women’s Forum.

Check out this book-length resume:

"Rassam joins IWF with an extensive background in law and international women’s issues. An attorney by training, Rassam concentrates on international and human rights law and foreign policy matters pertaining to women. She also directs IWF’s Iraq program. Rassam has over twelve years of legal experience as a litigator for prestigious law firms, a legal academic, and an international legal development specialist on human rights law. She began her career as a litigator at Lord, Bissell & Brook in Chicago, Illinois where she represented Lloyds’ of London in complex environmental litigation. As an associate at Lord Bissell, she also represented indigent women pro bono in divorce cases. After leaving Lord, Bissell & Brook, Rassam became a teaching fellow at Columbia University Law School where she taught international human rights advocacy and legal research and writing. She also was an adjunct professor at Pace University Law School where she taught Public International Law. Upon completion of her teaching fellowship, Rassam represented clients such as CIGNA, Citicorp, American Express and other Fortune 500 companies in complex litigation cases at the law firms of O’Melveny & Myers and Morgan Lewis and Bockius in New York City, New York. She also has extensive experience in international arbitration and litigation on matters pertaining to or in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. She has wide-ranging experience in matters pertaining to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. At O’Melveny & Myers, she successfully represented pro bono a Pakistani woman who escaped a forced marriage in an internationally publicized U.S. political asylum case. In 2002, Rassam left the private sector to become the Director of the Human Rights Clinic in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for the American Bar Association’s Central and East European Law Initiative. This program, funded by the State Department, was the first of its kind in Central Asia and became a model for many other human rights clinics established in Central Asia and North Africa. In 2004, Rassam became the Director of Women’s Programs for the American Bar Association’s Iraq Initiative, where she established the ABA office in Amman, Jordan and held several conferences on women and the constitution and the status of women’s rights in Iraq for Iraqi women’s NGOs, the Ministry for Women's Affairs, and key members of the Iraqi government. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for Indiana Law School’s Center for Constitutional Democracy in Plural Societies. Rassam has authored numerous publications in prestigious law journals on human trafficking, women’s human rights, and Islam, including: International Law and Contemporary Forms of Slavery: An Economic and Social Rights-Based Approach”; “Islam and Justice: Debating the Future of Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa,”; and “Contemporary Forms of Slavery and the Slave Trade Under Customary International Law.” Most recently, she co-authored a comprehensive survey on the Status of Women’s Rights in Iraq for the American Bar Association’s Iraq Legal Development Project. As an legal and international relations analyst, Rassam has spoken on topics such as the War in Iraq, the War on Terror, Afghanistan, women and Islam, human trafficking and advancing democracy and national security. Her television and radio appearances include Fox & Friends, The Regional News Network, the Janet Parshall Show, and the Wanda Besson Show. She also has published op-eds on topics such as Somalia, women in Iraq, and human trafficking, and the War in Iraq in the Wall Street Journal, Townhall, Human Events, and in local newspapers. Rassam holds a bachelor of arts in history from the University of Virginia and a juris doctor magna cum laude from Indiana University School of Law. She holds a legum magister (LL.M) with an emphasis on international law from Columbia University School of Law."

Ok, you're successful, we get it! Whew.

Rassam joined together with "family friend" Gail Fendley (right) to form a foundation in memory of Michelle. Fendley is a producer for PBS's Religion and Ethics News Weekly. She also won a Silver Circle Award from "The National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS-NCCB) is a non-profit, professional organization serving the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. television community. The Academy's Emmy Award is the industry's benchmark for the recognition of television excellence."

Fendley' son was dating Michelle at the time . Both Rassam and Fendley started the non-profit called ."Michelle's Earth Organization", which is dedicated to small projects here and there which favor environmental sustainability, such as planting sunflowers in New Orleans. Sunflowers have the (scientifically debatable) ability to take up toxins from the soil and eliminate them, thereby detoxifying the ground.

Shortly before her death, Michelle had written a "This I Believe" essay for one of her classes. Posthumously, this was broadcast on National Public Radio and read by "famous and important" women in a video shown at the 7/7 Live Earth Celebration. All of this is done under the banner of "Not forgetting Michelle, her tragedy and promoting her cause, the Environment."

Much of this is symbolic and the emotions triggered by the obviously sad tragedy of a young and intelligent woman rather than any facts on the ground.


During the trial of Brian Rooney, Yasmine Rassam posed for a Burlington Free Press Shot of her holding a sunflower in memory of her slain half sister.

Many of the top members of our society are involved in the worship of the Sun as an actual Diety. The Freemasons often call themselves the Sons of the Morning Star, or the Eastern Star. This worship is not done openly or is diguised as some innocuous public event because Freemasonry has been accused in the past of worshipping Lucifer, The Lightbringer, the Sun. They believe in a dual god, Savior in the morning and devil at night, sunset as in Set, the Egyptian version of the devil. The "sunflower" is considered to be the sacred symbol of the sun by esoterocists such as Manley P. Hall (p.XCV, Secret Teachings...)

This esoteric information may seem rather out of place but when "important" people hold sunflowers as a symbol, it deserves to be looked at.

The building owned and designed by diamond and jewelry merchant Perry Sporn, whose security camera caught Michelle's last morning alive, has some of the most intense occult symbolism in town.

The Western facade is stepped, forming a ziggerat (old-style Sumerian pyramid) while over the main entrance is a large copper pyamid. Below on the ground is a huge, black cauldron. The dual clock-faces are also interesting and seem representational of seals.

From "The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft" by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in reference to the black cauldron:

"An iron pot, a receptacle in which poisons, ointments and philtres were brewed. Also
linked to fertility, abundance and revival of the dead by ancient Celts
Human sacrifice - throats of victims slit, blood drained into bowl (Babylon, Mayan, Inca, Aztec...)
Norse god, Odin, drank magic blood from a cauldron of wisdom to obtain divine power.
Greek myth tells of witch goddess, Medea, who used it to restore a person's youth."p. 49-50.

In the children's book based on Welsh mythology by Lloyd Alexander, "The Black Cauldron" the Lord of the Land of Death obtains a black cauldron (from three witches) into which he puts dead people whereupon they become reanimated and soulless killers doing the bidding of the owner of the cauldron. Drawn from the same vein as Shakespeare's witches in Macbeth.
The copper pyramid is a symbol of the feminine and the Freemasonic ruling elite. Copper relates to Venus and the pentagram. The path Venus makes as seen from Earth is a pentagram and copper is its associated metal ( from p.CXLVI Manley P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All the Ages). Copper of course has inherent conductive qualities on many levels, both scientific and esoteric.
Pyramids are the central geometric construction of the masons, as is evidenced by their compass and T-square, a two-dimensional rerpresentation of 3-dimensionally intersecting pyramids.

Perry Sporn, right, is someone who talks like an advertisement, flys his own aircraft and jets around the world looking for the best deals on diamonds.

Silver is the metal of Gail Fendley's "Silver Circle" award and in mind control, Silver is a Satanic alter that preforms high level Satanic rituals,according to Vigilant Citizen.
Alestair Crowley in fact created theOrder of the Silver Star for advanced members of the Great White Brotherhood, in worship of the star Sirius.


The convicted murderer, Brian Rooney, does appear guilty from the publicly available evidence-court records are simply too expensive for this blogger-but all of the information above leaves nagging questions that beg for further research.

Rooney was the last person (we know of) to have seen Michelle alive as evidenced by phone calls made by Quinn from his cell phone. A drop of her blood was found on his jeans. A minute amount of semen was found on her clothes. A
police dog found Quinn's scent in his car. Misleading statements as to his whereabouts made to the police. Fresh scratch-marks on Rooney's hands...

But no physical evidence was found in Rooney's car, and the police said his car had not been cleaned and they had been observing him closely soon after Quinn's diappearence. Officials do not know where the crime took place. They have not said if she was drugged or made to pass out through the use of solvents as a previous girlfriend claimed Rooney did to her.

The public defender who was looking into that unrelated case (in which he complained of having to review the OVER 300 HOURS OF VIDEOTAPES Rooney posessed of himself screwing women while they were unconcious, apparently) was abruptly fired due to budgetary concerns. See Free Press article.

Lorin Duckman is also the unfortunate New York Judge who was the subject of a media/political witchhunt which prompted his moving to Vermont. He's the only person, besides the victim, who one feels any sympathy for. Was he fired for something he found? If those 300 hours of tapes were not simply commercial stock and were by Rooney then how many victims were there and what happened to the case Duckman was working on?

If this were a frame-up by Elites, it would appear very elaborate and involving close friends and family of Quinn but this cannot be proven with the facts currently available. At the very least the media fails to take time to look at all aspects of a case on their own and instead simply reports the case as presented by the lawyers and the judges who are, for the most part, creatures of the system.

Michelle Gardner-Quinn, Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pissing Onto The Wind

Wind Power is being promoted as a major first step to a more environmentally sustainable energy future. Any criticism of this paradigm is considered as Not In My Backyard mentality, ignorance of Peak Oil or oil company propaganda.

Something called The Energy Project Vermont, "A unique partnership between ECHO/Leahy Center and Burlington City Arts with the support of the University of Vermont," is currently promoting Wind, Solar and other alternative energy solutions to the percieved environmental problems.

The logo of this project is an eternity symbol rotated 360 degrees so as to form an eight-petal flower. Banners line the UVM sidewalk along upper Main street in Burlington with wind turbines displayed prominently in the imagery. The ECHO/Leahy Center exhibition is titled "WIND: Power and Play" while the Firehouse art show is named "Human=Landscape, Aesthetics of a Carbon Constrained Future."

A short film on the second floor of the Firehouse called "The Queensbridge Wind Project" is about somone who noticed that the lights on the 59th street bridge in New York City were out due to a budget shortfall so she decided to promote installing wind turbines on top of the bridge to restore the lights. The film points out how many ugly smokestacks are in the immediate vicinity, spewing emissions -so who could possibly object to a few graceful wind turbines which would generate more than enough energy for the needed lights? The film goes on to say that this would promote similar structures in other major cities around the globe once people see it being done in NYC.

The idea being that wind not only provides essentially free energy but it looks good too. "An elegant solution" as it is said.

Official souces are informing the public at large that the world is about to suffer an impending ecological doom due to what is called Global Warming. There is some debate, some back-and-forth, over this issue but it is allowed to happen essentially to show how some people are ignorant and backwards and can't change their ways in the face of an obvious global problem.

Most people think that the government and corperate leaders lurch from one crisis to the next with little to no forethought. This could not be further from the truth. Leaders of society, be they kings, presidents or CEO's have alway had the latest and most comprehensive information at their fingertips far ahead of what the public knows. Long-term planning is their game, along with access to historical records that few are aware of.

Humanity is being guided to see the only way out of a problem,which they are manipulated to think of as reality, is to accept this new energy paradigm shift.

In 1899 H.G. Wells wrote a revealing story called "When The Sleeper Wakes." Wells was a Fabian Socialist/Rhodes Round Table/Rothschild propagandist who used what is now called science fiction to simultaneously promote and put into the public's mind the blueprint for the coming two centuries. According to Jim Keith, Wells was head of British Intelligence during WW1.

Wells used a technique called predictive programming which softens the blow of change to the public by implanting new ideas into fictional works so that people will accept what the leaders want. People will see the "New Way" as wanted or inevitable.

"When The Sleeper Wakes" is the story of a man who has been in a coma for two hundred years and when he wakes he is then shown all the different aspects of the future world. The main energy souces are wind wheels and water.

Everywhere Graham, the protagonist, goes there are these wind "vanes." People live in dense cities with moving walkways and the country side is used only for food and energy production. No one lives there, only workers operating the machines who arrive via massive highways. On every hill are the wind vanes. Water isdrained from the rivers and pulled from the sea. The most important public company is called the "Wind Vane and Waterfall Trust"

Here are some eye-opening excerpts:

..."the Wind Vane and Waterfall Trust, the great company that owned every wind wheel and waterfall in the world, which pumped all the water and supplied all the electricity that people in these latter days required."

"He saw he had come out upon the roof of the vast city structure which had replaced the miscellaneous houses, streets and open spaces of Victorian London. The place upon which he stood was level, with huge, serpentine cables lying athwart in every direction. The circular wheels of a number of windmills loomed indistinct and gigantic through the darkness and snowfall, and roared with varying loudness as the fitful wind rose and fell."

"The whole of Downs escarpment, so far as the grey haze permitted him to see, was set with wind-wheels to which the largest of the city was but a younger brother. They stirred with a stately motion before the southwest wind And here and there were patches dotted with the sheep of the British Food Trust...then came the Wealdon Heights, the line of Hindhead, Pitch Hill, and Leith Hill, with a second row of wind-wheels that seemed striving to rob the downland whirlers of their share of the breeze."

"Far away, spiked, jagged and indented by the wind vanes, the Surry Hills rose blue and faint; to the north and nearer, the sharp contours of HIghgate and Muswell Hill were similarly jagged. And all over the countryside, he knew, on every crest and hill, where once the hedges had interlaced, and cottages, churches, inns, and farmhouses had nestled among their trees, wind wheels similar to those he saw and bearing like them vast advertisements, gaunt and distinctive symbols of the New Age, cast their whirling shadows and stored incessantly the energy that flowed away incessantly through all the arteries of the city. And underneath these wandered the countless flocks of the British Food Trust with their lonely guards and keepers.
Not a familiar outline anywhere broke the cluster of gigantic shapes below...The Thames, too, made no fall and gleam of silver to break the wilderness of the city; the thirsty water mains drank up every drop of its waters before they reached the walls. Its bed and estuary, scoured and sunken, was now a canal of sea water."

In a similar tale called " A Story of the Days to Come" Wells elaborates:

"...each went to the appointed work. Denton's was to mind a complicated hydraulic press that seemed almost an intelligent thing. This press worked by the sea-water that was destined finally to flush the city drains-for the world had long since abandoned the folly of pouring drinkable water into its sewers. This water was brought close to the eastward edge of the city by a huge canal, and then raised by an enormous battery of pumps onto resevoirs at a level of four hundred feet above the sea, from which it spread by a billion arterial branches over the city. Thence it poured down, cleansing, sluicing, working machinery of all sorts, through an infinite variety of capillary channels into the great drains, the cloacae maximae, and so carried the sewage out to the agricultural areas that surrounded London."

In "When The Sleeper Wakes" Wells describes who is in control and how they came to power. He is decribing reality, not fiction:

"His Japanese attendant, Asano, in expounding the political history of the intervening two centuries, drew an apt image from a seed eaten by insect parasites. First there is the original seed, ripening vigorously enough. And then comes some insect and lays an egg under the skin, and behold! in a little while the seed is a hollow shape with an active grub inside that has eaten out its substance. And then comes some secondary parasite , some ichneumon fly, and lays an egg within this grub, and behold! that, too, is a hollow shape, and the living thing inside its predecessor's skin which itself is snug within the seed coat. And the seed coat still keeps its shape, most people think it a seed still, and for all one knows it may still think itself a seed, vigourous and alive.
'Your Victorian kingdom' said Asano, ' was like that-kingship with its heart eaten out.' The landowners-the barons and gentry-began ages ago with King John; there were lapses, but they beheaded King Charles, and ended practically with King George, a mere husk of a king...the real power in the hands of their parliament. But the Parliament-the organ of the land-holding tenant-ruling gentry-did not keep its power long.
The change had already come in the nineteenth century. The franchises had been broadened until it incuded masses of ignorant men, "urban myriads" who went in their featureless thousands to vote together. And the natural consequence of a swarming constituency is the rule of the party organization.
Power was passing even in the Victorian time to the party machinery, secret, complex, and corrupt. Very speedily power was in the hands of great men of business who financed the machines. A time came when the real power and interest of the Empire rested visibly between the two party councils, ruling by newspapers and electoral organizations-two small groups of rich and able men, working at first in opposition, then presently together."

And then this, which is very important:

"There was a reaction of a genteel ineffectual sort. There were numberless books in existence, Asano said, to prove that-the publication of some of them was as early as Graham's sleep-a whole liturature or reaction in fact. The party of the reaction seems to have locked itself into its study and rebelled with unflinching determination-on paper. The urgent necessity of either capturing or depriving the party councils of power is a commen suggestion underlying all the thoughtful work of the early twentieth century, in both America and England, though both countries drove the same way.
That counter-revolution never came. It could never organise and keep pure. There was not enough of the old sentimentality, the old faith in righteousness, left among men. Any organisation that became big enough to influence the polls became complex enough to be undermined, broken up, or bought outright by capable rich men."

In "Days to Come" everybody works for The Labor Company, once called The Salvation Army(!!):

"The Labour Company had originally been a charitable organization; its aim was to supply food, shelter, and work to all comers. This it was bound to do by the conditions of its incorperation, and was also bound to supply food and shelter and medical attendance to all incapable of work who chose to demand its aid. In exchange these incapables paid labour notes, which they had to redeem upon recovery. They signed these labour notes with Thumb-Marks, which were photographed and indexed in such a way that this world-wide Labour Company could identify any of its two or three hundred million clients at the cost of an hour's inquiry. The day's labour was defined as two spells in a treadmill used for generating electrical force, or its equivalent, and its due performance could be enforced by law. In practice the Labour company found it advisable to add to its statutory obligations of food and shelter a few pence a day as an inducement to effort; and its enterprise had not only abolished pauperisation altogether, but supplied practically all but the highest and most responsible labour throughout the world. Nearly a third of the population of the world were its serfs and debtors from the cradle to the grave.
In this practical, unsentimental way the problem of the unemployed had been most satisfactorily met and overcome. No one starved in the public ways, and no rags, no costume less sanitary and sufficient than the Labour Company's hygenic but inelegant blue canvas, pained the eye throughout the whole world. It was the constant theme of the phonographic newspapers how much the world had progressed since nineteenth century days, when the bodies of those killed by the vehicular traffic or dead of starvation, were, they alleged, a common feature in all the busier streets."

There are "solutions" and alternatives to the problems and negative direction humanity is headed but the first step out of the box is to realise that it was never our real choice to come to where we are now, and in fact that we have been tricked into thinking and acting the way our controllers want all along.

Green businesses are promoted as the way of the future and in Vermont these Wind Energy companies are setting up shop for the long-term. They know which way the Elite Wind blows- it is in their favor and to the detriment of humanity.

For the time being it seems we are sadly headed for the future described by H.G. Wells...

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Devo: Voluntary Experimentation

It was not commen knowledge until more recently that the band Devo was born amidst the chaos of the Kent State shootings in May of 1970.
Devo consists primarily of two sets of brothers, the leaders being Gerald V. Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh. Both Gerry and Mark were members of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) whose primary cause was an end to the war in Vietnam. SDS had been banned on campus the previous year but its members were still active in the anti-war movement.
Gerry Casale was a senior and knew two of those killed, Jeffrey Miller and Allison Krause. Casale was among those being shot at that day (May 4) and saw his friend Allison dead on the ground.

Listen to this interview about Casale's relationship wth Timothy Leary and skip ahead 2/3 of the way into the interview to hear about witnessing the carnage.

Bob Mothersbaugh was burning the flag in front of the ROTC building two days before...

It's hard to pinpoint exactly when Gerry and Mark met (wikipedia says 1970) but the official date of the band's formation is 1973. It wasn't until 1977 that things began to gain stream resulting in a record deal, first with Stiff then with Warner in 1978.
Devo has always described their music as subversive, that is, not fighting the system head on which would result in failure but to infiltrate the system and exploit it at every opportunity.
In their films they have always mocked the record industry as being decadent, self-serving and fascist and in turn the record industry has called Devo fascist and irrelevant.
It has been this band's hallmark, their use of the very industry and culture they are critiquing.
Devo's essential philosophy is that man is regressing, not moving foreward and thus the name De- evolution.
A pseudo-scientific book The Beginning Was The End (in which humans lost their psychic and empathetic abilities and gained a hyper-libidenous and warlike nature as a result of eating human brains) seemed to resonate with the band along with another book called Jocko-Homo (Ape-man).
In their earlier films and music there are sayings like "Biology is Destiny" and "God made man, but He used the monkey to do it-It's in the plan"

Another key feature is the use of technology (even though they described their music as "the sound of things falling apart"), especially synthesizers and video.
Devo worked closely with filmmaker Chuck Statler on their first film "The Beginning Was the End: The Truth About De-evolution" made in 1977.

Jim Mothersbaugh (brother of Mark) built his own synthesized drums which he played in the first Secret Agent Man video and in 1979 he began working for the synthesizer company Roland. He says that he got to work on the development of MIDI, the system which allows diverse synthesizers to communicate with each other.
In the June 1984 issue of Keyboard Magazine is this question by Greg Armbruter to Jim:

"How do the technical needs of Devo affect the development of products at Roland?
A good example of that just happened. I told Devo that in a few months Roland was going to have a master mother keyboard, not the184 system, which would have a piano action and would control different synthesizers offstage. But Devo said 'We can't wait; we're ready for it now. We'll carry the expense.' So we developed it and built it just for Devo, and now we'll sell it (the MKB-1000 keyboard)."

Jim Mothersbaugh began working for a division of Roland called Roland D.G. (Digital Group) which contracts to the U.S. Military but now has his own company called Circle Prime Manufacturing in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. His company designs and tests electronic countermeasures for the military and is "the largest supplier of communications modules for pilots."

Devo hit it big with their song "Whip It" off of their 1980 album "Freedom of Choice." MTV (also birthed in Ohio) began playing Devo from its inception in 1981 due to the fact that the group already had numerous "music videos" in their portfolio, just waiting to be accessed.

It is in these videos that some very interesting symbols and visuals start to pop up. The first is the upside-down flowerpots, or "Energy Domes" which they wore on their heads. The resemble nothing less than ziggurats, the stepped pyramids of ancient Sumur. Flower Power came out of the 1960's as another way of saying peace, but it is more than that. Flowers are also representations of the individual chakras as well as the Rose, the symbol of the Rosicrucians, a secret society.
A certain flower, cannabis, gained its reputation at this time as well.
Just in case this seems far out check out this quote in a 2008 interview with Mark Mothersbaugh from

"At least we did cool things. We did the red energy dome, which was useful besides being an icon—it was a useful icon. You probably know this very well, but your orgone energy goes out the top of your head (At this point I realized he was being 100% sincere and I truly had to bite my lip a bit to keep from giggling. But still, I was in awe of the guy.) and it dissipates out the top, but if you wear an energy dome it recycles that energy. It comes back down and showers back down on you and, among other things, you remain manly, shall we say, for maybe another 150 years of your life, probably. I think that's a safe prediction to say that energy domes—if you wore them constantly, night and day—which I don't do, but there are people out there who do, not too many of them but there are some. We get e-mails from them, so we know they're out there, those people will probably live about an extra 150 years because of all that orgone energy that they're saving and not wasting away."

Studies have apparently been done concerning the preservative capabilities of pyramids, so the concept is out there, not just in Mark's head.
In the video "Devo Live 1980" in the interlude section of the song "Jocko Homo" the members of the band reform the letters of Devo to spell the word "Dove" which is an exoteric symbol for peace.
The dove can also hold a negative connotation when facing downward. Much has also been made out of the fact that Colombia is Latin for "dove" (see Columbia Pictures, Columbus Ohio, Columbine Shootings, etc...) and that the symbol can be traced to the Babylonian Queen Semiramis.

Mark Mothersbaugh makes what seem to be Masonic or secret society gestures throughout the "Devo Live 1980" video, especially in the song "Snowball." The argument can be made that these are Mothersbaugh's idiosyncratic art/creative movements meant to illustrate the words being sung, and in some cases this seems to be true. Still, there is something so strange about the movements he makes, one wonders where he came up with them, if not the imagination.

M.M. makes only one gesture in this video, so it's not the best example but here it is anyway. It's the diagonal chop across the chest...

Satanic Genius
Also around this time period Devo (but especially M.Mothersbaugh) begins an interesting collaboration with The Church of the SubGenius, a mock religion begun by Douglass St. Clair Smith, A.KA. Reverand Ivan Stang, in Dallas, Texas.
The Church uses phraseology from various sources (Christian Televangelism, Scientology and conspiracy lingo) and mixes them together in a Dadaist, stream-of-conciousness manner.
(The fact that Church of the Sub Genius only ridicules other groups and supposedly has nothing real to offer the world is very interesting, considering its large following.)
Subgenius material was sent out around 1980 or so and eventually began to be promulgated by the likes of Paul Mavrides (comix artist), Robert Crumb and Devo.
The Church of the SubGenius eventually did two videos with Devo "Love Without Anger" and "Are You Experienced?"
Many people who get into the Church are of the artistic persuasion, like Pee-Wee Herman who featured an image of "Bob" (the savior-figure of the church) in his weekly television shows.

People attend what are called "Devivals", regular get-togethers of followers. though it proclaims it has no belief system to follow, it is very popular and has a large, devoted following. The Reverand Ivan Stang often speaks at "Devotionals", where both Devo and SubGenius fans gather. Stang has since moved from Texas to Northern Ohio where many of their devivals take place. The Church has at least a loose affilliation with the Association for Conciousness Exploration (ACE) based in northern Ohio. Both Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson ("Bob" in the flesh?) were early friends of this group which now has its offices in the Masonic Temple Annex Building in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Stang says that the $20. to become an official Reverend actually is an official ordainment, " You'll be a real minister,able to perform legal marriages."!
More prestigious members/Reverends include Mark Mothersbaugh, SubGenious co-founder Paul Mavrides (Author of the comix the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" and "Anarchy"), Robert Williams (Artist and creator of Juxtapoz Magazine), cartoonist Robert Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, the late Rick Griffin (Grateful Dead cover artist), Jonathan Demme,Pee Wee Herman, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Gary Panter and Rudy Rucker.

Gary Panter, by the way, is the comix artist who designed Pee-Wee's Playhouse, which is full of occult symbols.

Check out this site which aligns the Church of the Subgenius with the pagans and other occultists.

Devo has also had a regular relationship with CIA asset Timothy Leary from the 80's until his death. And in case anybody is wondering where Leary is coming from, you should watch this video, coming from a Christian perspective.

Scroll down to the next to last two rows of pictures and check out the winged disc on the podium in front of Rev. Stang and in the next row up, Satan worshipper Oberon Zell.

Mark Mothersbaugh also pals around with Satanist Magister/cartoonist COOP (scroll down). Recently (enough) mothersbaugh composed some music for a COOP art gallery opening.

Although Devo has constantly critcised this world which is "falling apart" they are now intimately involved in it.
Mark scores movies and Mutato Studios (Devo part 2) contributes to insipid and insidious videogame soundscapes and musical scores.
Gerald Casale filled his bank account, excuse me, "subverted" some more by working with Disney, forming an all-kids band to perform Devo songs. Barf!

Here is some of Casale's latest video "subversion"...

Who and what is Devo trying to subvert? Nothing beats straightforward explanations even if it is dry and boring to the youth.
On the 1984 "Shout" album the group had "Chinese-American Friendship Pins". Nice idea, until you realize that Mothersbaugh Collects all things Mao, as well as having adopted two kids from China as well as his wife Anita Greenspan speaking Chinese. People can learn any language they want, it is just interesting that the aesthetic of Devo's jumpsuits resembles the blue uniforms of the Chinese workers.
Mark also put out a book called "My Struggle" and also collects Hitler memorabilia. Swell.
Skip ahead to the 2:30 mark. Is that "Hey" or "Hiel"?

So the question is, did all that time in the SDS lead to some "special" overseas influence?
Check out this recent (and brainless) band that claims to be influenced by Devo and even has Gerald V. Casale contributing some material. It's all about how China "is the future" and is superficially about ufo's and "conspiracies", but it is doubtful these fools have done any independent thinking of their own.

The name of the release is called "Submit to the Chip" and I bet it's supposed to be subversive, but subversive for which group of people? Casale recently has made some statements against the new world order, but so has Roseanne.

The first thought that comes to mind is that Casale and Co. (Disney?) put this group together as a way to link Chinese "coolness" and turn conspiracies into a fad associated with absolute morons such as these.

Here is a mock ufo TiVo/Devo documentary which makes makes me wonder to what extent these guys are involved in culture creation and manipulation. On the face of it this is a funny spoof, but is it like all the rest of the media, creating more confusion, distraction and mindless filler?

Whatever the true reality of the Devo machine, they certainly have strange bedfellows and associations or is that just the nature of the business?

Let's leave with this look at Alestair Crowley, just to keep "the business" in perspective...

For more on Rock music and the occult go to:

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Satanic High Priest, H.R. Giger

A recent article by Vigilent Citizen showing the Satanic nature of a Korn video, incuded a mikestand designed by H.R. Giger.
The Swiss artist H.R. Giger influenced the direction of my own art like no other, especially after seeing an exhibition by him in the fall of 1993 at the Alexander Gallery in New York City.
Being a science fiction fan I enjoyed the film Alien by Ridley Scott, who had Giger design the sets and the alien creature, but I still thought of Giger's art as talented but adolescent.
What drew me to the exhibit was that it was a dual presentation of both Giger and Robert Crumb. I was not about to miss the chance to see the original pages of comics drawn by Crumb. It was fantastic! I was amazed by the way Crumb had these crisp lines and very little overworking of the drawings. How did he do it? It just seemed to come out perfect.
After I finished ogling the Crumb exhibit I went over to the second entrance to see Giger's work. This art was of a different order altogether. The floors of at least one room were covered with cast-aluminium planks which clanked with a metallic sound as people walked around. Several life-size "Swatches" with holograms in their faces met you in the first room.

One of these was entitled "Lilith and Baphomet". It was a ten-pointed star resembling a pentagram with a horned goat's head and a woman (Lilith) spread-eagle and being penetrated by a third horn emanating from the goat's head.

I was an atheist at the time so I thought it was just Giger's fevered imagination latching on to some bad-boy Satanic imagery to shock people.
I also was totally entranced by the intensity and scope of the art which I had not understood previously. At that time I had no understanding of the occult and its practical and ongoing use by leading members of society worldwide.
A quick perusal of the exhibit catalog as well as his entire ouvre, and it's easy to see this guy is up to his neck in pure Satanism.
Winged demons, pentagrams, "El Diablo" handsigns, all-seeing eyes, pyramids are all part of his iconography.

An interesting sculpture is the "Emblem For A Secret Society"

The show I saw in 1993 was entitled "Watch Abart" as Giger was apparently obsessed with Swatches-he is from Switzerland-and the word abart means variation or deviancy. Giger was not allowed into the Swatch group exhibit with other major artists because his art is obviously not product-placement friendly, at least not by Swatch standards.
The sculpture "Life-Support" is a large aluminium peace sign (the broken cross) with two arms linked so as to be one, in the manner of the crucifixion, with an intravenous blood pouch connected to both wrists. It was used as album-cover art for the band Carcass.
Although this could be interpreted as Christianity being on life support, I cannot help but be reminded of Arizona Wilder's mention of (real or not) Reptilian entities feeding off of human blood from the Red Cross, so as to retain their human form.

Speaking of the alleged Reptiles, Giger's "Zodiac Fountain" features a pisces sculpture of a combined hand-foot with distinctly reptilian features. First thing to come to mind is Oannes the fish god who came from the sea in the form of both a man and a fish and taught humanity how to build cities, the sciences, geometry, law and all the other crap which keeps us down.

Giger also designed an underground tunnel transportation system for Switzerland in the form of a pentagram, with a large pyramidal edifice at each point, or entrance. It should be noted that he trained as an architect.

Gotthard Base Tunnel

Check out this video and the pentagram with the talismans which he is obviously using to draw down demonic spirits...

Giger was also supposedly good friends with Timothy Leary and Stanslav Grof.
Trans-personal psychology is basically the new (age) religion. Check out this staff, dude!

H.R. is also way into this "bio-mechanical" thing that the Transhumanists are into.
Of couse this guy lives in Switzerland which is famous for their bank accounts and never being invaded during the world wars. It is also the birthplace of the Red Cross.
He has an art museum in the Château St. Germain,Gruyeres,Switzerland. The emblem for the museum is, of course, a pentagram.
Are we talking high priest, or what?
I can personally attest to the almost unconcious pull of Satanic energy. It seemed to happen quite often when I lived in New York City... It is definitely something to be avoided because it is anti-human and definitely anti-God. As an atheist I thought this guy was just playing around, banishing his demons, but it's pretty clear to me that he is summoning them. Who in their right mind would want to do that?

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

September 11, 1826

The Anti-Masonic Party appears to have been under control by the power elite, who are certainly obsessed with numerology and symbolism. It is circumstantial, but it is interesting that September 11, 1826 was the day of William Morgan's disappearance and September 11, 1830 was the date of the first nominating convention of the Anti-Masonic Party.
The leaders of the party were themselves masons, who pay particular attention to numbers and thier ritualistic uses. Events occuring on this date in history in light of 9-11-01 show how important dates and numbers are to the powerful.
The Party was a controlled or managed or staged event and possibly even the death of Morgan.
In the revealing book Etidorhpa, John Uri Lloyd has the main character involved in events that fit the description of events of the the William Morgan affair. The protagonist is taken on a journey through various inner levels of the Earth as well as a very esoteric view of reality. He was to learn this knowledge while the rest of the world thought of him as dead.
Somehow in this process of revealing previously forbidden knowledge,"humanity will be the gainer."
There was real sentiment against the elites' front-men, the lodges, but it was there presumably to advance only so far-just enough to advance the agenda, let off building steam...and then the movement was co-opted and diluted to become functionless.
Masonry seems only to have lain dormant publicly while continuing its plan to increasingly control the individual and regulate society through the state. A large, vicious machine of some sort fronting as benevolence.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Invasion Plans

It is probable that a Planned Extraterrestrial Contact will occur publicly in the next several years as a way to finalize world government. Will it be during the upcoming WW3? Preparations have been ongoing for over a century by those "in the know." Here are some interesting local news stories from the past....

Charles Fort in his "The Book of the Damned" quotes Monthly Weather Review,1907, p.310

The following story is told in the Review, by Bishop John S. Michaud:
"I was standing on the corner of Church and College streets, just in front of the Howard Bank, and facing east, engaged in conversation with Ex-Governor Woodbury and Mr.A.A. Buell,when, without the slightest indiction, or warning, we were startled by what sounded like a most unusual and terrific explosion, evidently very nearby. Raising my eyes, and looking eastward along College Street, I observed a torpedo-shaped body, some 300 feet away, stationary in appearance, and suspended in the air, about 50 feet above the tops of the buildings, In size it was about 6 feet long by 8 inches in diameter, the shell. or covering, having a dark appearance, with here and there toungues of fire issuing from spots on the surface, resembling red-hot unburnished copper. Although stationary when first noticed, the object soon began to move, rather slowly,and dissapeared over Dolan Brothers' store, southward, As it moved, the covering seemed ruptured in places, and through these the intensely red flames issued."

The Burlington Free Press mentioned the same incident the next day, July 3, 1907, in a short, forgettably small collumn:

Electrical Disturbance That Startled Burlingtonians Yesterday, Noon.
A forerunner to one of the series of heavy and frequent thunderstorms that have characterized the early summer in this vicinity startled Burlingtonians yesterday just before noon, Without any preliminary disturbance of the atmosphere, there was a sharp report, the like of which is seldom heard. It was much louder in the business section of the city than elsewhere, and particularly in the vicinity of Church and College streets. People rushed to the street or to windows to learn what had happened and when a horse was seen flat in the street in front of the Standard Coal & Ice company's office it was the general impression that the animal had been struck by lightening and killed. This theory was not long entertained, however, as the horse was soon struggling to regain his feet, which he soon did with the assistance of many men who disconnected the harness from the wagon, and was found to be all right.
Ex-Governor Woodbury and Bishop Michaud were standing on the corner of Church and College Streets in conversation when the report startled them. In talking with a Free Press man later in the day Governor Woodbury said his first thought was that an explosion had occured somewhere in the immediate vicinity and he turned, expecting to see bricks flying through the air. Bishop Michaud was facing the east and saw a ball of fire rushing through the air, apparently just east of the National Biscuit company's building. Alvero Adsit, who was standing in front of his place of business at the corner of College and Mechanic street, also saw a ball of fire, as did a young man who was looking out of a window in the Strong theatre building. Another man with a vivid imagination declared that the ball struck the center of College street near the Standard Coal and Ice compay's office, knocked the horse down by the jar and then bounded up again to some undefined point in the sky. He was unable to find any dent in the pavement, however, and in the absense of any explanatin from the horse as to his actions, it is supposed the animal was frightened by the noise, jumped and slipped, having been hitched rather short. The unusual disturbance was followed in a few minutes by a downpour of rain which continued, with a brief interruption, for nearly two hours."

On July 8,1907 the Free Press had this article:

Heavy Storm Struck Several Places in and around Brattleboro.
Havoc Wrought in Blacksmith Shop and a Bucket Brigade to Quench Flames-Trees Shattered and one Burned-Veteran Drops Dead.
Brattleboro, July 8.-A heavy thunderstorm struck here to-night at six o'clock and considerable damage was done by lightening which struck in several places. The house of O.M. Mack on Wlliston street was one of the spots touched and in a neighboring house a woman was knocked down. The blacksmith shop of Hooker & Manchestor on the Thayer place in Esteyville was set on fire and all the loose iron in the shop was widely scattered. The fire was exstinguished by a bucket brigade of neighbors.
A maple tree in West Brattleboro was burned.
Joseph N. Conlin, aged 66 years, fell dead in the road at West Brattleboro last evening while going for thecows.His body was found by Emery Miller, employed with him at the Timothy Crosier farm. Deathwas caused by paralysis..."

From the Burlington Free Press, Monday April 21, 1958:
" 'Don't Talk Too Much'
A dazzling ball of fire suspended from a parachute, a red flare, blinking "signal" lights and a burned out area in the Winooski woods remained the ingredients of a puzzling mysery last night.
Most baffled of all was Lyman (Shorty) Cote of 65 Pine St., WInooski, athletic trainer at the University of Vermont, who witnessed the entire display.
"I don't know what it was" Cote said last night, "But I'm sure it was something mighty interesting"
"The Air Force seemed to think so, too"
Col. William Hovde, commanding officer of Ethan Allen Air Force Base, confirmed the Air Force's interest, but claimed an investigation failed to reveal any clues.
The unusual sequence of events began shortly before 9:30 p.m. Friday when a fireball, thought to be a meteor, flared brilliantly in the sky northwest of Burlington.
Hundreds of persons saw it.
But Cote saw more than that.
"I was watching TV and noticed this brilliant red fireball when I glanced out through my picture window," he said.
"It was falling and all of a sudden appeared to slow down. Then the color turned from red to white and sort of pale blue. It was then that I clearly saw the outline of a parachite. Then it seenmed to land in the woods behind Fitzgerald's dairy farm off the Mallet's Bay road. It flared up red."
Cote promptly called the Winooski police to notify them. They said they would check with the air base.
A short time later, some Winooski policemen arrived at Cote's house and at their request, he tried to guide them to the spot where the object appeared to have landed.
Capt. Joseph Sprano of the Winooski Police Dept. said a swampy area between Cote's house and the spot they headed for blocked their efforts.
"But I plainly saw two blinking white lights, at the spot Cote was pointing to from his house," Sprano said.
Cote said he was pointing out the spot to the police when a red flare went up and the blinking lights began.
Police said Cote tried in vain until about midnight to find thier way to the spot.
On Saturday morning, Cote tried again.
This time he was successful.
He said he found a scortched spot in the woods, but n sgns of life or the parachute.
Later on Saturday, two enlisted men fromEthan Allen Air Force Base paid Cote a visit and he guided them to the spot.
"They seemed to know what it was all about, but told me not to talk about it too much," Cote said.
"The seargent also told me not to touch anything," Cote said.
The two airmen left, but Cote said a helicoptor was seen later Saturday " hovering just over the treetops."
Hovde confirmed that an Air Force helicoptor was sent out to the area, but said it found nothing.
Will File Report.
He said he will file a report on the incident with Washington, but added he had no knowledge of what it might have been.
He said he had none of his aircraft in the air at the time and did not know of any planes in the vicinity.
The mysterious fireball seen in the skies earlier was confirmed by thCAA tower at the Burlington Municipal Airport. "

The French word bafouer, origin of the word baffle, means to hoodwink, to decieve. So when the paper says that Cote has been baffled, they mean he has been told to keep quiet.
Were all of these "fireballs" military or something else? I would tend to think of the military first, but more research is needed.
In the late 1800's many people sighted airships of various shapes across the U.S.