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Invasion Plans

It is probable that a Planned Extraterrestrial Contact will occur publicly in the next several years as a way to finalize world government. Will it be during the upcoming WW3? Preparations have been ongoing for over a century by those "in the know." Here are some interesting local news stories from the past....

Charles Fort in his "The Book of the Damned" quotes Monthly Weather Review,1907, p.310

The following story is told in the Review, by Bishop John S. Michaud:
"I was standing on the corner of Church and College streets, just in front of the Howard Bank, and facing east, engaged in conversation with Ex-Governor Woodbury and Mr.A.A. Buell,when, without the slightest indiction, or warning, we were startled by what sounded like a most unusual and terrific explosion, evidently very nearby. Raising my eyes, and looking eastward along College Street, I observed a torpedo-shaped body, some 300 feet away, stationary in appearance, and suspended in the air, about 50 feet above the tops of the buildings, In size it was about 6 feet long by 8 inches in diameter, the shell. or covering, having a dark appearance, with here and there toungues of fire issuing from spots on the surface, resembling red-hot unburnished copper. Although stationary when first noticed, the object soon began to move, rather slowly,and dissapeared over Dolan Brothers' store, southward, As it moved, the covering seemed ruptured in places, and through these the intensely red flames issued."

The Burlington Free Press mentioned the same incident the next day, July 3, 1907, in a short, forgettably small collumn:

Electrical Disturbance That Startled Burlingtonians Yesterday, Noon.
A forerunner to one of the series of heavy and frequent thunderstorms that have characterized the early summer in this vicinity startled Burlingtonians yesterday just before noon, Without any preliminary disturbance of the atmosphere, there was a sharp report, the like of which is seldom heard. It was much louder in the business section of the city than elsewhere, and particularly in the vicinity of Church and College streets. People rushed to the street or to windows to learn what had happened and when a horse was seen flat in the street in front of the Standard Coal & Ice company's office it was the general impression that the animal had been struck by lightening and killed. This theory was not long entertained, however, as the horse was soon struggling to regain his feet, which he soon did with the assistance of many men who disconnected the harness from the wagon, and was found to be all right.
Ex-Governor Woodbury and Bishop Michaud were standing on the corner of Church and College Streets in conversation when the report startled them. In talking with a Free Press man later in the day Governor Woodbury said his first thought was that an explosion had occured somewhere in the immediate vicinity and he turned, expecting to see bricks flying through the air. Bishop Michaud was facing the east and saw a ball of fire rushing through the air, apparently just east of the National Biscuit company's building. Alvero Adsit, who was standing in front of his place of business at the corner of College and Mechanic street, also saw a ball of fire, as did a young man who was looking out of a window in the Strong theatre building. Another man with a vivid imagination declared that the ball struck the center of College street near the Standard Coal and Ice compay's office, knocked the horse down by the jar and then bounded up again to some undefined point in the sky. He was unable to find any dent in the pavement, however, and in the absense of any explanatin from the horse as to his actions, it is supposed the animal was frightened by the noise, jumped and slipped, having been hitched rather short. The unusual disturbance was followed in a few minutes by a downpour of rain which continued, with a brief interruption, for nearly two hours."

On July 8,1907 the Free Press had this article:

Heavy Storm Struck Several Places in and around Brattleboro.
Havoc Wrought in Blacksmith Shop and a Bucket Brigade to Quench Flames-Trees Shattered and one Burned-Veteran Drops Dead.
Brattleboro, July 8.-A heavy thunderstorm struck here to-night at six o'clock and considerable damage was done by lightening which struck in several places. The house of O.M. Mack on Wlliston street was one of the spots touched and in a neighboring house a woman was knocked down. The blacksmith shop of Hooker & Manchestor on the Thayer place in Esteyville was set on fire and all the loose iron in the shop was widely scattered. The fire was exstinguished by a bucket brigade of neighbors.
A maple tree in West Brattleboro was burned.
Joseph N. Conlin, aged 66 years, fell dead in the road at West Brattleboro last evening while going for thecows.His body was found by Emery Miller, employed with him at the Timothy Crosier farm. Deathwas caused by paralysis..."

From the Burlington Free Press, Monday April 21, 1958:
" 'Don't Talk Too Much'
A dazzling ball of fire suspended from a parachute, a red flare, blinking "signal" lights and a burned out area in the Winooski woods remained the ingredients of a puzzling mysery last night.
Most baffled of all was Lyman (Shorty) Cote of 65 Pine St., WInooski, athletic trainer at the University of Vermont, who witnessed the entire display.
"I don't know what it was" Cote said last night, "But I'm sure it was something mighty interesting"
"The Air Force seemed to think so, too"
Col. William Hovde, commanding officer of Ethan Allen Air Force Base, confirmed the Air Force's interest, but claimed an investigation failed to reveal any clues.
The unusual sequence of events began shortly before 9:30 p.m. Friday when a fireball, thought to be a meteor, flared brilliantly in the sky northwest of Burlington.
Hundreds of persons saw it.
But Cote saw more than that.
"I was watching TV and noticed this brilliant red fireball when I glanced out through my picture window," he said.
"It was falling and all of a sudden appeared to slow down. Then the color turned from red to white and sort of pale blue. It was then that I clearly saw the outline of a parachite. Then it seenmed to land in the woods behind Fitzgerald's dairy farm off the Mallet's Bay road. It flared up red."
Cote promptly called the Winooski police to notify them. They said they would check with the air base.
A short time later, some Winooski policemen arrived at Cote's house and at their request, he tried to guide them to the spot where the object appeared to have landed.
Capt. Joseph Sprano of the Winooski Police Dept. said a swampy area between Cote's house and the spot they headed for blocked their efforts.
"But I plainly saw two blinking white lights, at the spot Cote was pointing to from his house," Sprano said.
Cote said he was pointing out the spot to the police when a red flare went up and the blinking lights began.
Police said Cote tried in vain until about midnight to find thier way to the spot.
On Saturday morning, Cote tried again.
This time he was successful.
He said he found a scortched spot in the woods, but n sgns of life or the parachute.
Later on Saturday, two enlisted men fromEthan Allen Air Force Base paid Cote a visit and he guided them to the spot.
"They seemed to know what it was all about, but told me not to talk about it too much," Cote said.
"The seargent also told me not to touch anything," Cote said.
The two airmen left, but Cote said a helicoptor was seen later Saturday " hovering just over the treetops."
Hovde confirmed that an Air Force helicoptor was sent out to the area, but said it found nothing.
Will File Report.
He said he will file a report on the incident with Washington, but added he had no knowledge of what it might have been.
He said he had none of his aircraft in the air at the time and did not know of any planes in the vicinity.
The mysterious fireball seen in the skies earlier was confirmed by thCAA tower at the Burlington Municipal Airport. "

The French word bafouer, origin of the word baffle, means to hoodwink, to decieve. So when the paper says that Cote has been baffled, they mean he has been told to keep quiet.
Were all of these "fireballs" military or something else? I would tend to think of the military first, but more research is needed.
In the late 1800's many people sighted airships of various shapes across the U.S.

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Viktor Schauberger and Water

Callum Coats talks about the amazing discoveries of Victor Schauberger.

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General Dynamo Blog

Ethan Allen, Ira Allen and Thomas Chittenden were all freemasons. Alternate accounts of north American history by Francis Bacon and Salvatore Michael Trento. Formation of the Grange after the Civil War.
Check out GENERAL DYNAMO for more.

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