Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here is some footage not included in the original episode of the Church Street Energy System. I do not like being out on the street with a camera because people get all defensive, even though they are being monitored by their cell phone and closed-circuit tv cameras constantly. There is no convincing people of anything but what they were told on TV last night.
This short tour barely scratches the surface of the current and historic place of Burlington, Vermont in the overall systematic control of humans.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Church Street Energy System (is the solution)

In late 2004/early 2005 I spent as much time as I could out on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont standing with a sign that read "The Church Street Energy System." This video is a result of wanting to communicate to a wider audience.
Beginning in 2002, seeing that we were headed for a major war in Iraq, I began to read newspapers, magazines and books and finally got online. I had been wrapped up in being an artist, concentrating on the visual and making imagery so much that my reading habits had dwindled to almost nothing.
The return to reading has altered my understanding of the world and of myself. I began to read information that before I had considered crazy or foolish just to see if there was any truth to to be found. I took it in critically yet understanding new or unfamiliar concepts means to take them in and roll them around to see how well they hold up against experience and other information.
I am learning a great deal about self-delusion, mass delusion, the nature of knowledge and so much more. Though the world is increasingly a bummer externally, internally I have shed some of the more foolish notions and ways that have been real downers in my life.
Sometimes information can be overwhelming, depressing and often misleading but tackling it can be likened to climbing a mountain or facing any sort of difficult task; there are times where one wants to turn around, go back home and call it a day, but most often if one follows the initial desire to see what is at the top the rewards are greater.
The information I came across initially inspired me to go out on the main pedestrian, outdoor mall called Church Street and talk to whoever would listen. The main trigger was a book by William Henry entitled "Cloak of the Illuminati" about Henry's discovery of symbolism and occult use of the pedestrian mall in front of the Tennessee State Capitol building. He realized that the symbolism and layout of the mall resembled nothing less than a chakra system. This may seem wild to some, but I suggest reading some Manley p. Hall, a Masonic author and historian to see the amount of eastern and cabalistic knowledge Masons use. Architects and city planners are either Masons or directed by Masons. They plan long-term. Nothing is randomly placed. Some areas may be allowed to go unused similar to a farmer letting a field or two go fallow. And there is a hidden language, symbolism, that can be read just like any other language,and is in fact better because that means it can be "read" by anybody who sees it no matter what language they speak as their native tongue.
Church Street is chock-full of various symbols laid into the brickwork of the street, in and on the buildings, the various sculptures and their placement. The names of the streets as well. This video can be viewed as basic introduction to what I understand is going on here and around the world. There is a heavy dose of David Icke as well as William Henry and others. My views have evolved since 2005 when this was filmed, but the gist of it is there.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sci-Fi Viral Infection

A few days after Christmas I came down with a "non-specific viral infection" very much resembling chicken-pox. Low on money already, I still had to take five days off from work. At the same time my roommate of six months moved back to Boston and a total stranger has taken his place.
Feeling totally disjointed, listening to BBC and NPR propaganda, I went to the library to find some fiction to take my mind off of the stick in the mud feeling slowly enveloping my being. Quickly passing the stacks before my energy could fall away, I had in mind some Isaac Asimov, some science fiction, but before I could get to the A Section I ran into my old friend Philip K. Dick. None of the his short-story collections or even his sci-fi novels were on the shelf. Only three novels, none of which I had read, were there.
Humpty Dumpty In Oakland, Voices From The Street, and The Broken Bubble. The first two I just finished and I am now starting up on the third. Though not "uplifting" the world of everyday people and the reality they occupy is satisfying to enter into. T.V. salesmen, used-car lot owners and mechanics swirl about in 1950's west coast America, all trying to move foreward yet meeting challenges both mundane and cosmic, challenges seemingly impossible to overcome.
Philip K. Dick is aware, often humorously, of the gap between the material focus of modern life and the spiritual, cosmic yeanings which, in his characters, break through the facade of televisions and car engines and jump into their lives as unstoppable forces from another dimension.
I have had a long relatioship with Philip K. Dick beginning with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? A.K.A. "Bladerunner", starting back in 1982. I went to see the movie with my father, and fifteen minutes into the best film I had ever seen, my dad pulled me out of the theater because Harrison Ford shot a woman in the back. Aaargh! I now appreciate my father's action but at the time boy was I pissed ! From that moment on however I was a dedicated fan of P.K.Dick.
At another soul-killing time, the five months I lived in D.C., I immersed myself in the works of Dick due to the fact that the D.C. public library downtown had pretty much the entire ouvre of his science-fiction works. I lived on 13th street S.E. where I learned first-hand that the people who run our government, elected or not, DO NOT CARE. Stepping on used needles and crack vials and looking up to see the Capitol building only a few blocks away did it for me. Crunch! DO.Crunch!NOT.Crunch!CARE.
There was more to that place which I experienced but the resonance between the sci-fi reality of Philip K. Dick and the "real" world of D.C. in 1992-3 was completely in sync for me.
I do not know where Dick received his occult/cosmic knowledge (previous to his VALIS experinces) but in this current world his visions ring true.