Monday, April 19, 2010

The Columbine Cause (Because the Truth Matters)

Evan Long's straightforward, no nonsense documentary "The Columbine Cause" examines witness testimony and reveals how the media failed to report the truth of what happened that day in 1999.

The interview with Evan Long on my show, Zero Hour Power. Further in depth.
The video skips when Evan says that he has read the over 30,000 public domain government documents available.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Consensus Reality and Chemtrails

Sometimes people will not admit how much their reality is shaped by television and the rest of the consensus media. Education plays a major part in this by presenting people and ideas which we are forced to accept as authoritative. The media then continues the process of shaping the collective mind, aiming it in whatever direction is desired.

To go against this grain, to talk about ideas which are not widely held in any part of daily life, is usually to invite ridicule or polite dismissal.

It's A Nice Day

The Weather. We all bring it up when there is nothing to talk about or when we want to avoid difficult conversations. Sometimes it really is awful or great weather out.
The weather, or what is happening in our atmosphere, affects on a primal level. We take in the air every couple of seconds. It concerns all of us regardless of where we are on earth.

I Blame Carl Sagan

A majority of people around the world understand two current notions about human impact on the weather, smog and what is called global warming. Smog is readily seen and understood in cities when traffic starts up in the morning and the exhaust lingers over the buildings more or less depending on the overall weather. Industrial smokestacks of factories also produce a certain amount of local smog.

Global warming is of different character altogether. No one can see this. It is a scientific hypothesis. People may say they see the results of human industrial activity in the melting of glaciers and rise in earth's overall temperature but these may not be the result of global warming and there is real scientific debate over the data.

When something is anomalous with the weather people often blame global warming.

Global warming is not the subject, but people's acceptance of it as absolute fact from authorities and popular opinion. What people perceive is shaped by official pronouncements.

Mr. Expert:


Very often if people do not pay attention to the news, they usually pay attention to the weather reports which are generally accurate up to three days in advance. The weatherman is usually a smiling, pal-around guy who gets serious only when very bad weather comes to town.

It's the weather and it's out of the weatherman's control. But he controls how the public perceives the weather. People want to know desperately if the roads are safe to travel, if the weather is going to be sunny for their weekend or vacation, and if their house is going to be wiped off the map.

The weather guy or gal gets their information from satellites pre-sorted and sifted by NOAA (Natioal Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration). This is a government agency that works with the military in such a way that one is simply an extension of the other.

The local weatherman is simply a corporate government mouthpiece and is paid to not be controversial, as are the rest of the news anchors. The reporters can get uppity at times, but what the editor or bureau chief wants, he gets, or the reporter is fired or reprimanded.

The weatherman is tasked with shaping how people think about the weather on a basic level.

Chemtrails Are Real, Motherfucker.

Most people think one unschooled, easily deceived or paranoid for thinking that something is being sprayed into the atmosphere at 30,000 feet by numerous, large jets which are not normal commercial air traffic.

Going online there are these "debunkers" who claim godlike knowledge of the weather and are the online version of the Loudmouth Everyman one encounters on the street, in bars and other common public places. Their everyday reality must not be challenged by individualistic upstarts who show the status-quo to be false. Ordinary reality must be defended at all cost.

Scratch the Surface

One has to have a critical mind, the mind of a (real) reporter approaching any subject of inquiry.

The best way to understand the reality of chemtrails is to watch the sky everyday at every opportunity during the day, for at least a year.
Know the location of the major airports on your region. Notice the difference on separate days of jet activity. Assume nothing. Take pictures. Read up on Geo-Engineering, Weather Control, nano-technology and HAARP.

It's time to turn off the television and take a new look around. Critical thinking is not paranoia.

Essential video, Aerosol Crimes by Clifford Carnicom:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Synthesizers, the Defense Industry and Transhumanism

Synthesizers really hit their stride in the Eighties with the advent of New Wave. Bands acknowledged the influence of the German group Tangerine Dream, a synth-only outfit. The synthesizers became cheaper and added novelty as well as compositional possibilities for the musically innovative.

Some rock bands hated the idea of synthesizers and others embraced them exclusively, but the general trend of rock music has  from electrically enhanced acoustic instruments to electronic instruments.

Part of the attraction of synthesizers is the pleasurable interface not only with a musical instrument but with a machine. Each technical advance allows for increased musical possibilities.

Military Music

The military-industrial complex would naturally be interested in tapping and promoting such a technologically innovative resource.

One group that fully embraced the technology was Devo.
Jim Mothersbaugh, brother of frontman Mark Mothersbaugh, built his own synthesized drums which he played in the first Secret Agent Man video and in 1979 he began working for the synthesizer company Roland. He says that he got to work on the development of MIDI, the system which allows diverse synthesizers to communicate with each other.
In the June 1984 issue of Keyboard Magazine is this question by Greg Armbruter to Jim:

"How do the technical needs of Devo affect the development of products at Roland?
A good example of that just happened. I told Devo that in a few months Roland was going to have a master mother keyboard, not the184 system, which would have a piano action and would control different synthesizers offstage. But Devo said 'We can't wait; we're ready for it now. We'll carry the expense.' So we developed it and built it just for Devo, and now we'll sell it (the MKB-1000 keyboard)."

Jim Mothersbaugh began working for a division of Roland called Roland D.G. (Digital Group) which contracts to the U.S. Military but now has his own company called Circle Prime Manufacturing in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. His company designs and tests electronic countermeasures for the military and is "the largest supplier of communications modules for pilots."

Another example shows how the the military tries to engage synth manufacturers in military contracting.

Midway through this interview (2:45) one of the guys from Fairlight mentions the Defense Industry trying to get the company to come over to the dark side.

A New Front

The Industrial band Front 242 openly styled themselves after the military and called their music "body music" and wanted to interface the rhythms of the human body with those produced by the synthesizer.

In this interview they talk about the military aspect:

Here, at the 7 minute mark, they talk about trying to integrate body rhythm with synthetic ones:

The Transhumanist agenda which is actualizing at an ever-increasing pace today seems to be one and the same with the goals of the military, to turn humans into cybernetic machines, with free will turned on and off by an external controller as needed.

One film that was sampled by Front 242 is David Cronenberg's Videodrome, a film where the human mind is fed specific video imagery which then manifests as a distorted reality. 

In this song, "Masterhit", the initial sample from Videodrome is "You know me.." 
Also interesting are the lyrics like "Give me some more of these warm little beasts I'm so fond of" and "You seem so tender".
Kay Griggs has said that the military intelligence hit squads are initiated homosexually. Then combine this with the child sex-ring exposed in Belgium where Front 242 is from and draw your own conclusions...
Is the band just a "front"? (Notice the Masonic grid in the beginning)

This song title and content of a Front 242 side-group  is  all from  Videodrome not to mention the samples:

Popular music serves the purposes of entraining the human body to certain esoteric and mechanical rhythms, shaping people's minds to accept desired ideas and concepts as well as making the human-machine interface as pleasurable as possible.

Who would not find this fun?

Here is how far the military has come with  robotics:

And Cybernetics:

 Not Cool

Many people embrace cybernetics as being helpful to humanity or "cool" but what they fail to realize is how technological development has been pushed and prodded to move at an ever-increasing pace but in a certain direction.

Think about radio in the early part of the 20th century. If it had not been for the prohibitive cost (i.e. , the ability to profit off of and enslave the populace) everyone could have had their own radio station. At least people could have had their own show on the radio and this technology could have been slowly developed without the idiotic template (state and commerce controlled) that has lasted until this very day. Television and film as well.

Shortwave, which has the capability of reaching the entire globe, mixed with conventional radio could have been a sort of early internet. That is, if individuals were allowed to harness the technology and not the guys at the top.

Each successive development, videocassettes for example, is discarded and abandoned for the "next phase" and people accept this as natural but it is not. Because of the state/corporate system people are forced to work long days in factories (if you're lucky, these days) making short-lived products which never seem to live up to their potential or ever get us anywhere.
People are prepared by media hype for the next technological phase and accept it on arrival as if nothing could be more natural. Just as the old product becomes inexpensive, the new, must-have and expensive items come out. What a scam. The same with software updates. What is the point of life? To constantly shell out cash for crap that gets us no closer to understanding our reality and, in fact, seems to be leading us further and further away?

It's always just around the corner, this ridiculous technological utopia. Can't people see they are being led along to the most fucked-up future imaginable?