Friday, October 17, 2008

Rothschild Bop

"Am I right? The royal family came to your grandfather,crying the blues,begging,and he laid the bread on 'em to beat Napoleon,right?...She's a billionare...Rothschild."
From the excellent film STRAIGHT,NO CHASER.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Historical Propaganda Today

The manipulation of the human mind by external inputs has been with us since the beginning of recorded history. The natural world is also a continuous external input. At some point someone learned the usefulness of deception and trickery to gain advantage over others. This is related to but different than using one's wits to survive. Everything that exists is in some way natural including what we currently define as evil or bad, but distinctions need to be made. Is a cow also a fly? The two are related through DNA one might argue, but large differences exist between the two creatures. Relative size, eating habits, ability to fly are some of the factors that can go into drawing distinctions between a fly and a cow.
Similarly humans can be made to act in ways that are not part of our unique position in this reality. Natural traits in humans such as building a dwelling, gathering and helping food grow to eat and acting together for common gain are all capable of being manipulated through deception.
To cut to the chase it appears that the template of the bee-hive has been overlaid upon humanity at some point in the distant past, so far back that we have lost sight of our original nature. The kings and queens that have ruled humanity for so long and continue to do so, albeit out of sight and without public knowledge, are the source of this ages-old manipulation. For the longest time there were only two sets of people - the rulers and the serfs. It was the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution which necessitated the education of a "middle-class", so that long-term plans could be put into action. The serfs had always produced the food , built the castles, monuments and cities.
At certain time when something new and unique had to be built or put into action, some serfs had to be taught engineering skills and such, simply because there were not enough nobles or gentleman to guide the work. The rulers, as they moved society along, devised fraternal orders in which knowledge could be disseminated and also tightly controlled.
The Masons are the latest example of this. These were the people who built the cathedrals, all the public works and still do. It is a military organization run by the kings and queens. It is top-down and strict obedience of the primary rules is required. When there was no middle class these were the only people allowed to travel freely in and among the various countries. Of course knowledge was leaked to the commoner (people talk) and there has always been awareness among some of the non-initiated. It is this fraternal organizational structure that is forcing the artificial bee-hive structure onto humanity. It should be understood that a majority of those in these fraternal orders do not understand what the organization is ultimately all about and they can and have been eliminated when they have served their purpose.
The royalty ultimately controls the information that the people below receive. This propaganda is more truthful at certain times than at others, depending on the needed social structure. Religious texts throughout time have served as both mind control and probably the only education beyond family history and the natural world. The royal social structure is exactly like a bee-hive, with the lower elements giving all their energies to feeding, housing and protecting the queen.
Who are these kings and queens and where did they come from? What would humanity be without them? These are the questions people should begin to think about. The source of propaganda is this historical royal control and manipulation of the many by a small group. This group has its hand in every aspect of our lives, and has controlled the parameters of all political and social debate. Divide and conquer is their basic method of preventing the serfs from coming together naturally. People over and over start to gain an awareness that the bloody divisiveness of the past can be overcome through peaceful and commonsense dialog.
At every critical turning point the conversation is interfered with by agents acting at the behest of the royal ruling elite. These agents (sometimes thinking they are acting for the good of one political party or another) come into the debate well funded and therefore able always be there as a permanent part of any debate (political pundit, think-tank types). Their goal is to establish false opposites that the general public will emulate. Instead of coming to conclusions based on factual knowledge and independent thinking people are forced into a narrow band of thought. The information is designed to make people have a knee-jerk reaction to information which falls outside this narrow spectrum.
Since the royals have been doing this from time immemorial the propaganda has historical weight behind it making it difficult to easily argue around. The disinformation is designed to keep the attention off of the elite rulers as the source of human ills and redirect it back onto the exaggerated flaws of human nature. Major flaws do exist but this is because of the historical twisting of the human mind and therefore negative human activities have accumulated over time allowing interpretations of human history to focus on our aberrational ways. It is an easy thing for a conventional historian to say "this is the way it has always been and will always be". With our minds under control and as a result our actions also under control the rulers have had their way with us. The daily barrage of propaganda has steadily increased over time creating knots in our thinking and creating an "unnatural" situation for humans collectively. Outside of the mental and physical human cattle-pen is where the future is. Not another false utopia, just the fresh and invigorating air of freedom.