Monday, April 18, 2016

Crisis Actors: Asking For Seconds

For critique only, social and political. Author asserts rights.

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As more  is revealed about the scripted,manufactured and staged situations presented to to the public as reality, new perspectives on old films stand out.

John Frankenheimer’s  1966 film, Seconds, when viewed through the current-day lens of crisis acting, reveals what Frankenheimer must known to be the reality beneath the veneer of news media presentation.

Arthur Hamilton, a bank executive, has been called by an old friend thought to be dead.

In Grand Central Station, a note with an address is given to Arthur by a mysterious stranger.


His stop is Scarsdale, the same town Linda Eastman/Epstein McCartney came from. Yoko Ono’s family moved there when she was a college student.

Many think Paul McCartney is a replacement.

Is this town a “Company” town, Like Newtown, Connecticut? Were the Beatles orchestrated by Lee Eastman (born Epstein)?

His friend calls later that evening and convinces him to go to the address.

He is told to use the name “Wilson.”

Brian Wilson saw this movie and it completely freaked him out, along with the (unsubstantiated) claim by Phil Spector that he helped produce the film.
Phil Spector was on the plane with the Beatles as they arrived for the first time in the U.S.


Note the 666 on his home phone.
This is also about a man selling his soul.


The first address leads him to another, a meat packing plant.

This is cover for the disposal of human bodies and a reference to how commonplace and macabre the whole process is.

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From there he is driven in the back of a meat truck to the rear entrance of a building in which he takes an elevator up.

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Welcomed to an office with some drugged tea he is coerced, in a somnambulant state, to participate in a mock rape scene.

It is filmed and later to be used as blackmail.

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Very reminiscent of the Rosemary’s baby impregnation scene.

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Wakes up alone in the office and goes off down the hallway looking for answers.

He find a  classroom style office with men at the desks but absolutely nothing going on.

These are actually previous “Reborns” who want to change their reality again, but must seek out a fresh candidate, like him.


Sent back down to the original office he is told how his death will be faked (with a real cadaver) and how The Company will take care of his estate.

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He refuses and is shown the film of mock rape.

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Then is convinced to sign (the same as any rock star would do, to live “Reborn”) and goes through extensive plastic surgery  and physical rehabilitation.


It is interesting to note that the main character and the two Company men who induct him, as actors were blacklisted and this was the one of the first films to feature them since the McCarthy  hearings.

CIA men, actors, portraying communists, just like the crisis actors of today, portraying victims, then activists for gun control or anti-terrorism.

 See the modern crisis actor version here.

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A complete background as mildly successful artist living in Malibu is given to him

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The actor who plays the regression therapist, Khigh Dhiegh, has completely New World Order views

He lives in  a neighborhood of other Reborns. He meets a woman on the beach, unbeknownst to him sent there as an actress to ease him in to his new life.

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She takes him to a wild archaic revival party dedicated to the god Pan (Satan).
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Check out the symbols on the flags:
Sword & upside-down cross.



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He cannot handle his life when it becomes clear that it is as controlled as ever.


Other Company men and Reborns keep “Wilson ” in line.


They send him to the same classroom office he first came across to find a new candidate.


When he refuses he is then used as a “cadaver” for a new candidate.

Post Script: The Picasso painting on the wall of the office where he is drugged is called “Mother and Child” that has the father removed from the painting, just as Arthur will be removed from his wife and daughter.

It is also interesting that he chooses to become an artist in regression therapy, and the style he acquires is semi-representational.