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September 11, 1826

The Anti-Masonic Party appears to have been under control by the power elite, who are certainly obsessed with numerology and symbolism. It is circumstantial, but it is interesting that September 11, 1826 was the day of William Morgan's disappearance and September 11, 1830 was the date of the first nominating convention of the Anti-Masonic Party.
The leaders of the party were themselves masons, who pay particular attention to numbers and thier ritualistic uses. Events occuring on this date in history in light of 9-11-01 show how important dates and numbers are to the powerful.
The Party was a controlled or managed or staged event and possibly even the death of Morgan.
In the revealing book Etidorhpa, John Uri Lloyd has the main character involved in events that fit the description of events of the the William Morgan affair. The protagonist is taken on a journey through various inner levels of the Earth as well as a very esoteric view of reality. He was to learn this knowledge while the rest of the world thought of him as dead.
Somehow in this process of revealing previously forbidden knowledge,"humanity will be the gainer."
There was real sentiment against the elites' front-men, the lodges, but it was there presumably to advance only so far-just enough to advance the agenda, let off building steam...and then the movement was co-opted and diluted to become functionless.
Masonry seems only to have lain dormant publicly while continuing its plan to increasingly control the individual and regulate society through the state. A large, vicious machine of some sort fronting as benevolence.