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Michelle Gardner-Quinn: Elite Occult?

"If we can help make our community safer and in this case, if we catch a guy and he hangs for something we did, we're thrilled."
-Perry Sporn, Perrywinkles Jewelry

Perry Sporn is talking about the installation of security cameras ("something we did") on his storefront which caught murder victim Michelle Gardner-Quinn and her now convicted murderer walking by in the early morning hours of October 7, 2006.

This incident took an otherwise anonymous college student and put her disappearance and murder into the national spotlight. Although the murder rate is relatively low in Vermont, it happens regularly and does not warrent national coverage. Who gets covered by the media and who doesn't ?

Michelle Gardner-Quinn grew up in Arlington, Virginia and had recently transferred to the University of Vermont (UVM) for her senior year as an environmental studies major. She had travelled to Costa Rica, Brazil and South Africa working on sustainable development and related research as this was her passion. She also travelled to New Orleans to help in the recovery after Hurricane Katrina.
Previously she had attended H.B. Woodlawn school in Arlington, Va. ("Hippie High") and went on to Goucher College in Baltimore.

While the media was content to exploit the details of Michelle's own life they left out anything concerning details of the lives of family and friends. It may not seem immediatly relevant to her murder, but in the case of who gets covered and who doesn't, it is.

Michelle's father, John-Charles Quinn, is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for the American Trucking Associations. The ATA is the major trucking advocate for the industry in the United States. It is a politically right-wing organization which currently has the former Governor of Kansas, Bill Graves, as its President and CEO.

In an article by Wayne Madsen entitled "Full Circle With the Bush Criminal Enterprise" Madsen writes that:

"... Cheney’s Chief of Staff David Addington, who was with the CIA, the Iran-Contra Committee in Congress, and then signed on as senior Vice President for the American Trucking Associations (ATA). WMR reported yesterday on the involvement of a foundation set up by McLean Trucking Co., a member of the ATA, with covert Contra support. "

Madsen goes on to say:

"The ATA is a hotbed of GOP activity as well past connections with support for covert CIA activities. Its chief lobbyist is Jim (“Whit”) Whittinghill, a former aide to Sen. Bob Dole. Whittinghill’s wife, Nancy Dorn, served as an assistant to Texas Representative Tom Loeffler and later served as Special Assistant for Legislative Affairs to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush."

Madsen then elaborates on the extensive postions of power held by Nancy Dorn which makes one wonder where these people find the time to eat and sleep...
Most of the goods and raw materials for industry in the U.S. are trucked, so the trucking industry is incredibly important in terms of power and control.

John-Charles Quinn is also Principal of Pro-Tech Consulting, Director of Data Administration and Security at the Association of American Railroads and is also amember of SIMS, the Society of Information Managers.
Where he worked previous to 1998 is unknown.

Michelle's half sister ( by their mother Diane Gardner-Quinn) is Anne-Yasmine Rassam, a conservative lawyer, columnist and Vice President of foreign policy and international women's issues for the Independent Women’s Forum.

Check out this book-length resume:

"Rassam joins IWF with an extensive background in law and international women’s issues. An attorney by training, Rassam concentrates on international and human rights law and foreign policy matters pertaining to women. She also directs IWF’s Iraq program. Rassam has over twelve years of legal experience as a litigator for prestigious law firms, a legal academic, and an international legal development specialist on human rights law. She began her career as a litigator at Lord, Bissell & Brook in Chicago, Illinois where she represented Lloyds’ of London in complex environmental litigation. As an associate at Lord Bissell, she also represented indigent women pro bono in divorce cases. After leaving Lord, Bissell & Brook, Rassam became a teaching fellow at Columbia University Law School where she taught international human rights advocacy and legal research and writing. She also was an adjunct professor at Pace University Law School where she taught Public International Law. Upon completion of her teaching fellowship, Rassam represented clients such as CIGNA, Citicorp, American Express and other Fortune 500 companies in complex litigation cases at the law firms of O’Melveny & Myers and Morgan Lewis and Bockius in New York City, New York. She also has extensive experience in international arbitration and litigation on matters pertaining to or in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. She has wide-ranging experience in matters pertaining to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act. At O’Melveny & Myers, she successfully represented pro bono a Pakistani woman who escaped a forced marriage in an internationally publicized U.S. political asylum case. In 2002, Rassam left the private sector to become the Director of the Human Rights Clinic in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for the American Bar Association’s Central and East European Law Initiative. This program, funded by the State Department, was the first of its kind in Central Asia and became a model for many other human rights clinics established in Central Asia and North Africa. In 2004, Rassam became the Director of Women’s Programs for the American Bar Association’s Iraq Initiative, where she established the ABA office in Amman, Jordan and held several conferences on women and the constitution and the status of women’s rights in Iraq for Iraqi women’s NGOs, the Ministry for Women's Affairs, and key members of the Iraqi government. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for Indiana Law School’s Center for Constitutional Democracy in Plural Societies. Rassam has authored numerous publications in prestigious law journals on human trafficking, women’s human rights, and Islam, including: International Law and Contemporary Forms of Slavery: An Economic and Social Rights-Based Approach”; “Islam and Justice: Debating the Future of Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa,”; and “Contemporary Forms of Slavery and the Slave Trade Under Customary International Law.” Most recently, she co-authored a comprehensive survey on the Status of Women’s Rights in Iraq for the American Bar Association’s Iraq Legal Development Project. As an legal and international relations analyst, Rassam has spoken on topics such as the War in Iraq, the War on Terror, Afghanistan, women and Islam, human trafficking and advancing democracy and national security. Her television and radio appearances include Fox & Friends, The Regional News Network, the Janet Parshall Show, and the Wanda Besson Show. She also has published op-eds on topics such as Somalia, women in Iraq, and human trafficking, and the War in Iraq in the Wall Street Journal, Townhall, Human Events, and in local newspapers. Rassam holds a bachelor of arts in history from the University of Virginia and a juris doctor magna cum laude from Indiana University School of Law. She holds a legum magister (LL.M) with an emphasis on international law from Columbia University School of Law."

Ok, you're successful, we get it! Whew.

Rassam joined together with "family friend" Gail Fendley (right) to form a foundation in memory of Michelle. Fendley is a producer for PBS's Religion and Ethics News Weekly. She also won a Silver Circle Award from "The National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS-NCCB) is a non-profit, professional organization serving the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. television community. The Academy's Emmy Award is the industry's benchmark for the recognition of television excellence."

Fendley' son was dating Michelle at the time . Both Rassam and Fendley started the non-profit called ."Michelle's Earth Organization", which is dedicated to small projects here and there which favor environmental sustainability, such as planting sunflowers in New Orleans. Sunflowers have the (scientifically debatable) ability to take up toxins from the soil and eliminate them, thereby detoxifying the ground.

Shortly before her death, Michelle had written a "This I Believe" essay for one of her classes. Posthumously, this was broadcast on National Public Radio and read by "famous and important" women in a video shown at the 7/7 Live Earth Celebration. All of this is done under the banner of "Not forgetting Michelle, her tragedy and promoting her cause, the Environment."

Much of this is symbolic and the emotions triggered by the obviously sad tragedy of a young and intelligent woman rather than any facts on the ground.


During the trial of Brian Rooney, Yasmine Rassam posed for a Burlington Free Press Shot of her holding a sunflower in memory of her slain half sister.

Many of the top members of our society are involved in the worship of the Sun as an actual Diety. The Freemasons often call themselves the Sons of the Morning Star, or the Eastern Star. This worship is not done openly or is diguised as some innocuous public event because Freemasonry has been accused in the past of worshipping Lucifer, The Lightbringer, the Sun. They believe in a dual god, Savior in the morning and devil at night, sunset as in Set, the Egyptian version of the devil. The "sunflower" is considered to be the sacred symbol of the sun by esoterocists such as Manley P. Hall (p.XCV, Secret Teachings...)

This esoteric information may seem rather out of place but when "important" people hold sunflowers as a symbol, it deserves to be looked at.

The building owned and designed by diamond and jewelry merchant Perry Sporn, whose security camera caught Michelle's last morning alive, has some of the most intense occult symbolism in town.

The Western facade is stepped, forming a ziggerat (old-style Sumerian pyramid) while over the main entrance is a large copper pyamid. Below on the ground is a huge, black cauldron. The dual clock-faces are also interesting and seem representational of seals.

From "The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft" by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, in reference to the black cauldron:

"An iron pot, a receptacle in which poisons, ointments and philtres were brewed. Also
linked to fertility, abundance and revival of the dead by ancient Celts
Human sacrifice - throats of victims slit, blood drained into bowl (Babylon, Mayan, Inca, Aztec...)
Norse god, Odin, drank magic blood from a cauldron of wisdom to obtain divine power.
Greek myth tells of witch goddess, Medea, who used it to restore a person's youth."p. 49-50.

In the children's book based on Welsh mythology by Lloyd Alexander, "The Black Cauldron" the Lord of the Land of Death obtains a black cauldron (from three witches) into which he puts dead people whereupon they become reanimated and soulless killers doing the bidding of the owner of the cauldron. Drawn from the same vein as Shakespeare's witches in Macbeth.
The copper pyramid is a symbol of the feminine and the Freemasonic ruling elite. Copper relates to Venus and the pentagram. The path Venus makes as seen from Earth is a pentagram and copper is its associated metal ( from p.CXLVI Manley P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All the Ages). Copper of course has inherent conductive qualities on many levels, both scientific and esoteric.
Pyramids are the central geometric construction of the masons, as is evidenced by their compass and T-square, a two-dimensional rerpresentation of 3-dimensionally intersecting pyramids.

Perry Sporn, right, is someone who talks like an advertisement, flys his own aircraft and jets around the world looking for the best deals on diamonds.

Silver is the metal of Gail Fendley's "Silver Circle" award and in mind control, Silver is a Satanic alter that preforms high level Satanic rituals,according to Vigilant Citizen.
Alestair Crowley in fact created theOrder of the Silver Star for advanced members of the Great White Brotherhood, in worship of the star Sirius.


The convicted murderer, Brian Rooney, does appear guilty from the publicly available evidence-court records are simply too expensive for this blogger-but all of the information above leaves nagging questions that beg for further research.

Rooney was the last person (we know of) to have seen Michelle alive as evidenced by phone calls made by Quinn from his cell phone. A drop of her blood was found on his jeans. A minute amount of semen was found on her clothes. A
police dog found Quinn's scent in his car. Misleading statements as to his whereabouts made to the police. Fresh scratch-marks on Rooney's hands...

But no physical evidence was found in Rooney's car, and the police said his car had not been cleaned and they had been observing him closely soon after Quinn's diappearence. Officials do not know where the crime took place. They have not said if she was drugged or made to pass out through the use of solvents as a previous girlfriend claimed Rooney did to her.

The public defender who was looking into that unrelated case (in which he complained of having to review the OVER 300 HOURS OF VIDEOTAPES Rooney posessed of himself screwing women while they were unconcious, apparently) was abruptly fired due to budgetary concerns. See Free Press article.

Lorin Duckman is also the unfortunate New York Judge who was the subject of a media/political witchhunt which prompted his moving to Vermont. He's the only person, besides the victim, who one feels any sympathy for. Was he fired for something he found? If those 300 hours of tapes were not simply commercial stock and were by Rooney then how many victims were there and what happened to the case Duckman was working on?

If this were a frame-up by Elites, it would appear very elaborate and involving close friends and family of Quinn but this cannot be proven with the facts currently available. At the very least the media fails to take time to look at all aspects of a case on their own and instead simply reports the case as presented by the lawyers and the judges who are, for the most part, creatures of the system.

Michelle Gardner-Quinn, Rest In Peace.


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