Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PUPPET WINS 2008 ELECTION! (subtitle:There is no Santa-Claus)

Contrived expectations, hypnotic repetition of news reports and sheep-like behavior make it almost impossible to cut through to the logic center of the human mind.
Caught up in a mob frenzy people regurgitate news blurbs after internalization.
Approach them with information about total control of both left and right political parties and they will demand sources and "proof", proof they never ask of the mainstream news or from the suits in official power.
Give them a quick one-two of CFR, Secret Society, Top-Down control of the world and 90 percent of people will smirk and dismiss the information as paranoid. The remaining 10 percent will say "yes, but it is out of my control" or "it has been prophesised in the Bible"-in other words passive acceptence.
Never in my experience has there been such interest in an election and never have I seen such mindlessness. People of both parties were led along and guided to take up positions ready-made by the controllers.
People afraid of economic depression, terrorist attacks, and all the rest are in a state of mass hysteria, herd behavior.
This situation makes it easy for those in control of mass information sources to aim the thoughts of the general public in the desired direction.
Those who voted for change will get it- the change the world controllers desire-total world domination.
The wars will not stop, they will increase.
Numerous possibilities for increase in herd panic include: Flu Pandemic, Terrorist Event, Large Natural Catastrophe, World War, Food Shortage and even ( dare I say it ? ) an Alien Invasion. All of these problems can be orchestrated by the world-government, especially as their power increases daily.
The time has come for those of us who understand humanity's postion as a herd of some kind to realize that time is short. The glazed, robotic eyes of those saturated in techno-propaganda will only increase in number.
People are unresponsive to information or heart-felt appeals.
Informing people of total control by the few, past and present, is like telling a kid there is no such thing as Santa-Claus. With adults, though, the reaction is almost violent in the knee-jerk fashion.
To inform people of our enslavement is becoming dangerous and nearly futile.
This is not an " up with humanity " message as I would prefer, just my honest outlook at this time.


Anonymous said...

LOL nice!

what a surprise, huh?

Anonymous said...

Written years ago but so much more relevant today. Stay vigilant friend.