Saturday, October 26, 2013

Putin, The Good Cop.

In the non-official alternative blog media world, Vladimir Putin has become the ray of hope for Christianity, Democracy and Truth.

Zen Gardener is most certainly working for some intelligence agency: 
Anointed one, my ass.

And then there's this ALL CAPS CLOWN:
Media attacks on Putin intensify = Bad cop vs. Good cop.
And don't forget to send some $$$.

The visual styling of Tomato Bubble is exactly like ye olde Socialist Worker, is it not?

Or Pravda:

Waking Times = Over Time for guys working on outsourced government disinfo project.
This is almost pure propaganda, slathering on the buttery goo, about how amazing Putin is as a leader, a manly-man and Oh, how you in the West just can't possibly understand what it to rule such a large land, rich in history and resources.

With a content contributor like this, how can you not trust Waking Times?

When the Devil tempted Christ, did not Christ reject the world? Did this not include the leaders therin?

And in the Hindu Vedas, political leaders are thought to be simply a lower form of demon.

" Disciple: But, Srila Prabhupada, as soon as we define what demoniac civilization is, then people will be offended. They'll see that by the Vedic definition, people who gamble, have illicit sex, take intoxicants, and eat flesh people like themselves are demons. So they'll be offended.
Srila Prabhupada: Yes. Because people have themselves become demons, they cannot understand what a demon is.
For instance, a Christian priest went to preach to some mine workers, and he was explaining, "If you do not worship Lord Jesus Christ, you will go to hell."
So the mine workers asked, "What is hell?"
But when the priest explained "Hell is wet and dark, with no sufficient air," and so on the mine workers could not understand how horrible hell is. Why? Because by working in the mine, they were already agreeing to be in hell. So they no longer had the discretion to realize, "Oh, always wet and dark, without enough air that is a very horrible thing."
Similarly, in today's world these demons no longer have the discretion to realize what demonism is. Asuram bhavam asritah: they have already agreed to live in the mood of demonism. What is this asura-bhava, this mood of demonism? Not to accept God. This is asura-bhava.
This is the basic principle of demonism. Ignore the soul and God and God's laws; gamble, take intoxicants, have illicit sex, and slaughter God's other creatures and eat their flesh. So in this way, nearly all people have agreed to deny God. Therefore, they have become demons. "
 [ ]

Politicians do not pull the strings. They are instruments of action, some more powerful and independent than others.

 Billionaire Warren Buffet, Arnold Schwarzenegger and trillionaire Jacob Rothschild on the latter's estate in 2002. Arnold was chosen to be governor at this meeting.

Demons war with themselves, even as they make humans war amongst each other.

Western media sets Putin up as the bad guy so that he will look good.

Putin's own media, the FSB-controlled Russia Today, is nothing more than the "good cop" in a good-cop, bad-cop scenario.

Regardless, the propaganda keeps flowing out from the disinformation agents, on and on and on.

Putin = Boss Ostrog

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